Bkash merchant account opening procedure for online and manually. You can also know opening procedure of Bkash merchant account, benefits of merchant account, service charge and many more.

You can open an online Bkash merchant account if you want. For that, you have to send a request by filling the prescribed form from their website. Authorities will search based on the request to see if you are eligible to open a merchant account.

BKash merchant account Open

Open Bkash merchant account Online

If you want to open a Bkash merchant account, then you have to send a request for this reason. So, you have to go to their official website and choose open merchant account. If you don’t find out it then click below link for sending request for opening an account for merchant.

Below are the things you need to confirm before going to that page. Remember, you have to input this information on this request form. You can also read Bkash Palli Bidyut Bill Payment.

  • Contact person name.
  • Your NID/Passport/Driving License number.
  • Trade license number.
  • Contact number.
  • Business or Institute name.
  • Business or Institute address.
  • Email Address.

If you don’t have any of them, then you are not able to send a request for opening a merchant account. So, at first, collect all this information. After that, try to send request for opening account. You can also read NESCO Bill Payment Bkash.

How to open Bkash merchant account online?

If you want to open a merchant account then you have to send account opening request. For these reason, please follow the below step.

Send Request for Merchant Account

  • Your institution or business name.
  • Website URL (if any).
  • Office or business address. Remember, your address must be physically. Because they are justifying it. So, please use a valid address of your office or institution.
  • Type of Business or institution.
  • Your business or shop location.
  • How much payment received per month (approximately).
  • Contact person name.
  • Contact number of the person.
  • Your photo ID, NID, Smart Card, Passport Number, driving license. Only one document need any of them.
  • Trade license number.
  • Your Email Addresses.
  • At the last step, you have to solve the captcha code. It may be Addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.
  • Finally, click the submit button.

Your account opening request has been sending. Now wait some time. The authority will be in contact with you. Next step, they are told you. Follow their instruction. If you don’t have any account then Open Bkash Account Bkash.

Benefits of Merchant Account

When using the Bkash app, you do not have to dial code to enjoy any service

You will be able to easily and enjoy all the attractive offers in all services.

You can easily shop with the money of Bkash account by paying the merchant number. Not only that, but you do not have to raise money separately for this.

You do not have to pay any charge to make money payment in account.

  • Safe and risk-free.
  • The reason for saving the account of the transaction can be reviewed later.
  • Protected from the risk of carrying cash.
  • Opportunity to transact easily.
  • The advantage of making quick transactions in less time.
  • The convenience of reviewing customer transaction documents.
  • No need to worry about cash.
  • Service charges are lower in many transactions.
  • Separate facility in Bkash app and login facility of merchant account.
How to make payment by Merchant Account?

If you want to make payment by merchant account, then follow the instruction. You can also use the app to make payment. For this reason, please download the app from Google Play Store.

  • Dial *247#.
  • Select option 4 (Payment).
  • Enter Merchant account number.
  • Enter Amount.
  • Type Reference Number.
  • Input Counter Number.
  • Check all and Enter your PIN.

Cashout Charge

When you use Bkash Merchant Account, you will get more benefits than Personal Account. Bkash merchant account cash out charge is less than Bkash personal account. For example, the cash-out charge of Bkash Personal Account is 1.75%, but the charge is 1.60%.

Bkash merchant account payment system

Through the payment service, you can pay any merchant who receives Bkash from your Bkash account. Now you can make purchase payments in over 46,000 stores across the country. Follow the steps below to develop the payment-

1. Go to Bkash Mobile menu by dialing * 246 #.

2. Select “Payment”.

3. Enter the merchant development account number of the merchant you want to pay.

4. Enter the amount of money you want to pay.

5. Provide a reference to your purchase (you can specify the purpose of your transaction in one word, for example, bill).

. Enter the counter number (the seller at the counter will tell you the number).

. Complete the payment with your Bkash Mobile Menu PIN.

You will receive a confirmation message from Bkash.

Note: If references or counter numbers or both are not applicable, then you have to enter these steps by entering “0”.

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