BOESL Job Application Form is now available here. Every year the Korean government recruit employee from our country. The recruitment process is very strict. You can’t get work permit if you don’t follow their instruction. As a result, the authority publishes recruitment circular every year. In this circular they are announce application process, rule and regulation and other’s requirements. Please visit our site for more details information.


BOESL Job Circular 2022

Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited (BOESL) has been committed to send legal employee in Korea. As a result, they are following some rule and regulation to select perfect employee for South Korea. They are arranging written and verbal examination for selecting candidates.

After that, they are to select candidates by lottery. If your name will be found in the lottery result, then you are selected for this mission.

Do you want to go to Korea with work permit? If you want this, then it is very essential for application BOESL application form. They are to conduct this work by some process and rule. You must be following these rules and regulations.

Let’s see the BOESL job application form, fill up rule and regulations:

BOESL Job Application Eligibility and Requirement

They are following different kinds of rule and requirements. As a result, the authority has been set some requirements and eligibility. If you don’t know their basic requirement, then read it below.

  • Your date of birth must be 25th March 1980 to 24th March 2002.
  • Don’t have criminal record in his/her country and don’t cancel VISA, CCVI by Korean immigration.
  • Previously illegal stay in South Korea or deportation from South Korea.

BOESL Job Application Form Fill Up System

At first, you need to confirm that you are pass in EPS TOPICK CBT exam. Because if you are not pass this examination then you are not able to apply for this job. So, please confirm your exam result and collect EPS TOPIK ID.

  • EPS TOPIK ID: You must be input your 16 digits ID here.
  • NID No: Please input your National ID card number here.
  • Name: Write your full name according to passport or NID card.
  • Gender: Fill up your gender.
  • Marital Status: Ensure that you are married or unmarried.
  • Passport number, issue date and expiration date: You need to input this information here. Remember, your passport expiration date must be minimum 1 years later from application date.
  • Address: Write your address according to passport.
  • Region of Origin: Here you need to write your village, district and division name.
  • Phone Number: Provide your phone number and two more that essential for you.
  • Height and Weight: According to medical report.
  • Eye Vision: Must write 1.0 in left and right side.
  • Color Blindness: Select normal button.
  • Medical Examination: Name and date according to medical test certificate.
  • Arms/ hands and legs/feet: The authority of BOESL has been checking your this body parts, then you need to write about it.
  • Desired Salary: Your expectation salary range.
  • Skill Test: If you have any extra Skill, then mention it here.
  • Preferred Region: Any place that you prefer.
  • Desired Industries: Must be select 3 categories from sub category of EPS industries’ attachment 7.
  • Academic Background: Maximum degree.
  • Vocational School: Technical training name and subject. (if you have). 

Please read more about form fill up rule and regulation in below file.

BOESL Job Application Form

BOESL Job Application Form


The authority has been to conduct two type of examination. As you know that The Employment Power System (EPS) conduct Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) examination. The ministry of employment and labor of South Korea has been following up this examination. Basically they are taken three type of examination.

  1. Written Examination.
  2. Medical Fitness.
  3. Verbal Examination.

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