Buy Online Train Ticket 2022 easy way. The demand for train travel is increasing day by day in our country. If we think of traveling far and wide for various reasons nowadays, first think how we will go. Generally, travel can be done in three ways.

  1. On the road.
  2. On the way to the river.
  3. Way to the sky

Traveling in the sky requires a lot of money, which is beyond our reach. There is no river in all places. So we travel more on the road. Two types of vehicles can be passed on the road again.

  1. Bus or car
  2. Train

In our country, because of the traffic jam, many people do not like bus travel. This is why their only choice during travel is train travel. Because it is affordable and saves time. You have to book a train ticket to travel by train. That’s why there are two ways for you.

Buy Online Train Ticket

The first of which is that you have to buy a ticket in physically. And second, you can buy your tickets online at home.

If you do not like the hassle, you can book tickets online. That’s why you don’t have to stand in line. Don’t have to wait long. Plus, you don’t even have to read the broker’s grip.

Here you will find out how to easily book a train ticket online. You can easily collect your train tickets by reading this post.

Bangladesh Railway has created a website for selling tickets online. Through which they sell train tickets. If you want to buy tickets online, you must buy them from that site. Don’t be fooled by buying tickets from another location.

Now, let’s find out how to buy a train ticket. First you have to go to Bangladesh Railway e ticketing site by clicking the link below. If you want, you can go directly to their site. When you visit their site, you will see a website like the picture below.

Buy Ticket.

Registration Process For New User

If you are a new user, you will need to register. Click on register page to register. Then complete the form as per the rules below.

  •  First, you have to enter your full name in English.
  •  Then enter your email ID.
  •  Enter your mobile number now.
  •  Re-enter your mobile number in the next cell.
  •  Now type a password of your choice.
  •  Re-enter the password you provided.
  •  Then click the sign-up button.

Buy Online Train Ticket

Your registration is complete. Now, the authorities will send a verification code to your mobile. Simply type this code in the skin and click on the Verify button. Your user ID has been verified. Now you have to verify your profile. That’s why you need to click the sign-in button. Then login with email ID and password.

Then give your date of birth. Complete the form with your address. Enter your postcode now. In the next place, you choose your gender (male or female). At the end, set the identification number. Here are two options for you. You can either confirm with a national identity card or birth certificate. You can verify your profile with anyone.

Way to Buy Online Train Ticket

Your registration is complete. You are now ready to book tickets online. Click the Home button. Here you can see a form for buying tickets. You must complete this form to purchase a ticket. First, you select your destination. Then select which place to start the journey from. Now you have to select the travel date. That is, the date you want to travel. Then decide which category you want to travel to. Here you can select AC or Non AC and Level.

Once the above steps are completed, you will need to determine the amount of passengers. If you have any children, you need to give them information. Click the “Find” button when all steps are complete.

Right now, you can see what trains are for you. When will they leave?

Click on the expanded link when all items have been confirmed. Then click the Accessibility link. Now you click on the “Buy Tickets” button. Please accept their terms and condition with no doubt. If your ticket is confirmed, then pay the fee.

That’s why you can pay bills via mobile. If you don’t know the rules for paying bills, then no worries about it. Here we will tell you how to pay the bill. There are many other ways to pay bills, including mobile, Bkash, Rocket. If you don’t have any Bkash or Rocker account then read our blog post for open a bkash acount or open a rocket account.

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