Dinajpur Board HSC Result. Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Exam result will be published last week of April 2022. Bangladesh Education Board HSC exam result. Dinajpur Board HSC exam Result 2022. HSC exam results in 2022. Download HSC result with mark sheet. HSC Exam result with mark sheet. Today publish HSC result 2022.

Dinajpur Board HSC Result

Dinajpur Board HSC Result 2022

In this year, Dinajpur Board HSC Result will be published 29th April 2018. At the same time, all board HSC exam result will be published. It is very difficult to find out your result by using the net. Because at the same time a billion of candidates searching their result. As a result, the server becomes busy. That’s why the resulting site falls down for huge traffic. The candidates became so much disappointed for not found their result quickly. Some of them searching a different way.

Exam Center: 196.

Total Number of College: 645.

Male Candidates: 61803.

Female Candidates: 57138.

Candidates: 1,18,941.

Science Group Candidates: 26,824.

Humanities Group Candidates: 75,541.

Business Studies Group Candidates: 16,576.

Dinajpur Board HSC Result District Wise Statistics

Are you known how many districts in Dinajpur Board? If you don’t know, then know it now. Total 8 districts in Dinajpur board. All the district has a different institution by number. Here we are discussing this topic. This year, total 196 exam center and 645 institutions appeared HSC examination. Among them, Rangpur District has 38 exam center 121 college and total 22,596 candidates. Gaibandha district has 29 exam center, 76 college and total 16,431 candidates. Nilphamari district has 24 exam center, 91 college and total 14,614 candidates. Kurigram district has 24 exam center 84 colleges and 13,525 candidates. Lalmonirhat district has 11 exam center 57 colleges and 8,981 candidates. Dinajpur district has 40 exam center 126 colleges and 22,689 candidates. Thakurgaon district has 18 exam center 57 colleges and 11,878 candidates. Panchagarh district has 12 exam center 33 colleges and 8227 candidates.

See All Board Result.

Data Source, Dinajpur Education Board.

HSC Exam Result district wise chart.

District Name  Center College Science Humanities Business Studies Total
Rangpur 38 121 6053 13558 2985 22596
Gaibandha 29 76 3411 10603 2417 16431
Nilphamari 24 91 3110 9909 1595 14614
Kurigram 24 84 2613 9247 1665 13525
Lalmonirhat 11 57 1507 6303 1171 8981
Dinajpur 40 126 6047 13279 3363 22689
Thakurgaon 18 57 2681 7103 2094 11878
Panchagarh 12 33 1402 5539 1286 8227
Grand Total 196 645 26824 75541 16576 118941

Dinajpur Board HSC Result

Dinajpur Board HSC Result Different Method

If you are not know a different way to download your result, then read our post. Here we include the best easiest way to download the method of your result. When you read our post, you can learn 3 way to download your result.

  1. Online Method.
  2. SMS Method.
  3. Manual Method.

Dinajpur Board HSC Result Online Method

When you are want to collect your result by sitting at home. You can do it. You need only some things. At first, you will need internet browsing devices such as laptop, desktop or smartphone. Then you need to connect the internet. Now open internet browsing software. Write eboardresults.com on your address bar. You can also go to result from download site by clicking below download result link. When you go to result from download link page, you can see some tab. Here, click the first tab. Now you need to choose exam type, year, board and result type. Please select an individual result from the result type drop-down menu.

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If you want to know board wise or institute wise result, then select them. Now you can see the security key. Fill the security key correctly. Remember, if your security key doesn’t correct, then you are not able to show your result. So, it is an important and vital rule for checking your result. Finally, you need to click “Get Result” link. Mark sheet download link you can show those pages. So, if you need mark sheet then click download mark sheet link.

Download Your Result.

Dinajpur Board HSC Result SMS Method

When you aren’t able to connect result download link, you can check out your result by SMS method. It is very easy to check your HSC exam result by SMS. You require a prepaid SIM and available balance. If you have those things, then follow our instruction. At first, you need to know your Roll number, passing year and registration number. Remember your board name type for short keyword. Are you known this? Don’t worry, here we give you all kinds of information.

  • Go to write a message option on your cell phone.
  • Write exam type like HSC, ALIM or Technical Board.
  • Now write the first three letters of your board. You must be to write DIN because you are candidates of Dinajpur board.
  • Then write your HSC roll number by using a space.
  • After that, write passing year by using a space.
  • Now you need to send your SMS 16222 number.

Still not understand? All right, then follow our example. Suppose you are a student of Dinajpur board and your roll number is 562562. Now write your SMS by using the below format.

Exam name<space>3 letter of Board<space>Roll Number<space>Passing year and send it 16222.

HSC<space>DIN<space>562562<space>2018 and send it 16222.

HSC DIN 562562 2018 send it 16222.

Dinajpur Board HSC Result Manual Method

This system is not favorable now. It is not likable. Anyone can not like this system at present. In the past, the candidates collect their result by the institution notice board. They are waiting for a long time for searching their result on the notice board. But nowadays, the communication system is changed. Internet is becoming very popular at present. If you want to know your result on institution notice board then goes to your institution.

HSC Result 2017 Analytical Summary

Are you knowing every year how many students appear in the Higher Secondary Certificate Examination? Here we are to collect some actual data. This data has shown an analytical summary of the HSC exam result of the last 5 years. We also include HSC exam result data 2018 later. Because this year, exam results did not publish yet. So, when the result will be published, we are updating our post. Already we show on this year candidates data summary. But now we show on result summary. Let’s show the result summary for the year 2017.

SSC Exam Result.

Sum of total candidates: 105614.

Male Candidates: 55854.

Female Candidates: 49760.

G.P.A-5.00: 2987. Among them, 1791 male and 1196 female candidates.

Total Pass: 68972. Among them, 35002 male and 33970 female candidates.

Fail: 36642 candidates failed in 2017.

GPA-5.00 (A+) 2987
A Grade (GPA-4.00.) 12243
A- & B Grade (GPA-3.50 & 3.00.) 35503
C grade(GPA-2.00.) 17403
D grade (GPA-1.00.) 836
F Grade (GPA-0.00)/Fail. 36642
Passing Percentage. 65.31
Pass. 68972
Candidates. 105614

Last Five Year Result Analysis Report

Last five years total of 433463 candidates appear in HSC examination under Dinajpur education board. Among them, 2,89,246 candidates were passed and 1,44,217 candidates fail. This ration is not good. In 2016 was fail percentage more, and it was recorded the lowest passing percentage in the last five years. Approximately 50 percent of candidates failed in the 2016 year. Last year it was 65.31. Otherwise, every year, average 70 percent of candidates passed. Total 17239 candidates got GPA-5 in last five years. We are analysis here 2013-2017 result summary. Let’s last five years result in summary in table.

Year Candidates  Pass  Fail GPA-5.00 GPA-4.00 GPA-3.50/3.00 GPA-2.00 GPA-1.00 Passing Percentage
2018 118941
2017 105614 68972 36642 2987 12243 35503 17403 836 65.31
2016 62318 31971 30347 3919 13469 3438 9556 1589 51.30
2015 89320 62709 26611 2407 11370 26806 19558 2568 70.21
2014 87243 61959 25284 4482 16119 28323 9875 3160 71.02
2013 88968 63635 25333 3444 14005 25006 18286 2894 71.53
Total 433463 289246 144217 17239 67206 119076 74678 11047

All Data Source Dinajpur Education Board.