DRMC Admission Result 2023-24 session has been published. If you want to download Dhaka Residential Model College admission result then you are in right place. We are also covering DRMC admission notice, application process, merit list result, waiting list result etc. So, you can collect your DRMC Admission Result from our website in simple way.

DRMC Admission Result

DRMC Admission Result 2023-2024 Session

As you know that, the authority has been run online admission system for all government and public college in our country. So, the admission system of Dhaka Residential Model College has same as other college. You have to submit online application for admit any college.

The admission result will be publishing on 29th January 2023.

But you have to choose DRMC at first, choose in college choice section. When you set up college name, you must be set 1st place in this institution.

Admission result will be publishing in different time. At first, they are publishing an eligible list for admission. After that, they are disclosing waiting list for all institution. Before publishing waiting list, they are also publishing merit list result for every institution. You can also read Dhaka City College Admission Result.

Where I Can download Admission Result?

You can download your admission result from their official website. But most of the time, the students can’t reach their website. So, we are also providing admission result in our website. As a result, you can download it from our website.

If you are not able to download admission result from their website, you can try it in our website. We are providing you a valid link for downloading result. You have to click this link for downloading your admission result.

This admission system is run for all institution. So, you can be facing server problem to download your result. But don’t worry about it. We are providing your result as soon as possible. You can also read Dhaka Commerce College Admission Result.

How can I download Merit List Result?

As you know that, admission test not taken. So, the authority making merit list based on your SSC and HSC GPA point. They are considered SSC GPA*40% and HSC GPA*60%.

So you have to obtain good GPA in previous public examination for kept good position in merit list. Otherwise, you are not obtaining good position on merit list result sheet.

As you know, the name of the student will be published based on the merit list equal to the number of seats in the institution. In this case, the number obtained in the previous public examination will determine your position in the merit list. You can also read Holy Cross College Admission Result.

Migration and waiting list admission result will be publishing 10th February 2023.

Release Slip Admission Result

The rules of all colleges are the same for admission in 11th class. For admission in any college, you have to arrange the names of 10 colleges in the application periodically. You have to give the name of the preferred college first in the list for admission in Dhaka Residential Model College.

Candidates who do not like the college according to the results can apply through the release slip and be admitted to another college, subject to vacancies.

The release slip result and 3rd time admission result will be publishing 15th February 2023.

After applying for the release slip, the authority will release the result in case of application.

You will find the results on their website or on the official site of the college.

If you want, you can also download the results of admission in DRMC release slip from our website.

Important Information about the college

Now we are discussing some important information about this college. This information will be to require when you apply in this college.

College Name: Dhaka Residential Model College.

EIIN Number: 108258.

Established: 1960.

Version: Bangla, English.

Location: Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207.

Phone: +880258153774.

Email: drmc_bd@yahoo.com.

Rule & Regulation: Please Click here.

Official Website: drmc.edu.bd.


Admission results will be published in three steps. In that case, the application deadline will also be fixed three times. You can easily download the results of the first, second and third stages from our website. In addition, you can find out the secret information about the admission to the college from here.

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