The subject list of DU A unit 2022 is available here. Admission notification has been published in Dhaka University. This is your first post. Everyone wants to be admitted to the best subject. But few of them succeed. Because seats are limited for each subject. In order to be admitted in any subject, you need to know which subjects are in which unit. So first we need to know which subjects are in the “A” unit.

DU A Unit Subject List

DU A Unit Subject List

When you apply for admission, you need to know which unit has the subject of your choice. Because you can’t select the subject of another unit if you want to. ‍So, please read the Dhaka University all unit subject list. After reading this article, you are able to know the which unit contains which subject. You can also read DU B Unit Subject List.

Subject Name Faculty Subject Name Faculty



Fisheries Biological



Mathematics Soil, Water, and Environment Science
Chemistry Botany
Statistics Zoology.
Applied Mathematics Biochemistry and Motivation Science.
Pharmacy Pharmacy Psychology
Geography and environment  

Faculty of Earth and Environment Science

Geology Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology
Oceanography Nutrition and Food Science Nutrition and Food Science
Disaster science and management Software engineering Information Technology Institute
Electrical and Electronic Engineering  



Engineering & Technology

Leather engineering Lather Engineering and Technology Institute
Applied Chemistry and Chemistry Footwear engineering
Computer Science and Engineering Leather Products Engineering
Nuclear engineering Physical Sciences Education and Research Institute
Robotics and Mechanics Engineering Biological Science
Applied statistics Statistics





















Faculty of Science Subject

Dhaka University has total 5 department in the faculty of Science for A unit admission. This faculty has total 5 subject for A unit student. If you want to be admitted in any of the above subjects, then you have to apply in “A” unit. You can also choose another unit for different subject. For this reason, you can also read DU B Unit subject list. You can also read DU IBA Admission details.

  • Physics.
  • Mathematics.
  • Chemistry.
  • Statistics
  • and Applied Mathematics.


As you know that, Dhaka university is a prestigious university in our county. If you want to admit on DU then you have to know the subject name of their syllabus. The subject list we are making according to unit name. You can also read the DU Admission Notice and Result for admission guideline.

We are trying to give you a clear idea of the subject to decide for admission. You can also select your subject on admission form fill up time. The authority also provide admission related proper guideline on their website. You can also read their admission prospectus.

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