EWU MBA Admission notice has been publishing. East west university MBA admission cost, tuition fee, credit and others information. You can also know the EWU total cost for MBA and EMBA program. So, let’s see the details’ information about admission on East West University. If you want to do an MBA course at a reputed university, you must meet their admission criteria.

EWU MBA Admission

EWU MBA Admission Notice 2022-2023

The university has 3 semesters for this course. You can choose any of them. Basically they are requested to apply for summer, winter and fall semester. They are announcing admission notice every session. So, you can try any of them. Basically, their admission form price is TK. 1000. So, at first you need to know admission eligibility for the students. So, please read their eligibility before applying. Generally, MBA admission circular has been publishing three times in a year. So, you can see the admission circular on their website or newspaper. You can also read about NSU MBA Admission.

East West University MBA Admission Eligibility

There are some admissions rules that you must meet. The criteria are given below for your convenience. In order to be admitted here, first you need to know what qualifications are required for admission. So don’t delay and check the qualifications of the applicant.

  • First you need to successfully complete Honors from any reputed University and your exam result should be minimum second class or 2.50 CGPA.
  • Candidates must pass the SSC and HSC examinations with a minimum of 2.50.
  • Candidates must be passed minimum 5 best subject in “O” level and best 2 subject in “A” level.
  • In case of English Medium candidates, the eligibility for admission is requested to know the official website of the institution or directly.
  • The seven point system will be calculated by below formation.

SSC and HSC level:

Division/GPA Point
1st/ GPA 3.5 to above 3
2nd/ GPA 2.5 to 3.49 2
3rd/ GPA 1 to 2.49 1

Bachelor Degree Label:

Division/GPA Point
1st/ GPA 3.0 to above 5
2nd/ GPA 2.5 to 2.99 2
3rd/ GPA 1 to 2.49 1

Master Degree Label:

Division/GPA Point
1st/ GPA 3.0 to above 1
2nd/ GPA 2.5 to 2.99 1
3rd/ GPA 1 to 2.49 0

EWU MBA Admission Cost Details

Admission Fee: TK. 15000.
Total Credit: 60.
Tuition Fee: TK. 5600 (per credit).
Lab & activities fees: TK. 12060.
The regular MBA program contains total 60 credit. So, you need to multiply per credit cost to total number of credit. Suppose, your total credit 60 and per credit tuition fee 5600 TK. So, your total Tuition fee TK. 336000.
The East West University Total MBA cost is TK. 363060. The costing amount may be change for other purpose. So, you need to confirm it by contact with them. You can call them or direct meet them at their office. Want to compare with other university, then read AIUB MBA Cost.

EMBA Cost Details:

Admission Fee: TK. 15000.
Total Credit: 42.
Tuition Fee: TK. 5600 (per credit).
Lab & activities fees: TK. 12060.
As you know that every course cost depends on credit limit. So, need to know how many credits are in this course. The East West University evening MBA course has 42 credits. So, you need to multiply TK. 5600 with credit limit. Then add other’s cost like admission cost, Lab and activities cost etc.
The East West University Evening MBA total is TK. 62260. You can also compare with Brac University MBA Cost.


EWU MBA Admission related other’s information you can see on their official website. After reading the above post, if any new question arises in your mind, feel free to leave it in the comments’ section here. We will do our best to answer your question correctly. In general, the following types of questions may arise in your mind.

How many semesters in a year at East West University?

There are six semesters in a year on this university. But only 2 semesters is only Pharmacy Department.

How many departments does East West University have?

There are total 13 departments on this university.

How many credits are there in East West University MBA course?

Total 60 credits on MBA program at East West University.

Is this university recognized by the government?

Yes, it is recognized by the government of Bangladesh.

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