GST Admission Apply Online 2022 will be start in the month of November. So, you need to prepared yourself for this reason.

Applications for GST integrated admission test can be submitted from 12:00 noon on 1st September 2022 to 11:59 PM on 8th September 2022. All candidates are invited to submit their applications online within that time. We will now discuss in detail the rules that need to be followed to apply.

GST Admission Apply Online

GST Admission Apply Online 2022

  • To apply first, you need to go to their official website. That’s why enter the name of their website in your internet browser and press enter. Or, you can go to the application website by clicking on the Apply Now link below.
  • When you go to their application web page, you will see the option to login there. There you will log in with user ID and password. New users need to register. To register, you can see the GST ‍Applicant Register post.
  • After logging in, a page like the image below will open on your device. There will be displayed your personal and educational information, which should be noticed very well. If all the information is correct, then click on Apply Now button. But if any information is displayed incorrectly, it has to be corrected and applied. So before clicking on the Apply button, confirm that all the information is correct.

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GST Online Application Online

Mobile Verification by OTP

  • In the next step, an OTP number of 4 characters will be sent to your mobile. Enter the OTP number and click on verify mobile number to go to the next step.
  • If it is late to reach OTP on mobile, wait patiently. Many times it may be too late to get OTP, in which case you will have to wait 5 minutes. If you do not receive OTP within that time, you will need to re-apply for OTP by clicking on the re-send OTP
  • Once the mobile verification is complete, the picture has to be uploaded. In that case, you have to follow some rules. For example, the image must be square, the background of the image must be a light color and the file size must be below 100 KB. You have to upload a color picture according to the above rules. Once the image is uploaded, the picture preview can be seen. If everything is OK, then click on Next button.

GST Admission Apply Online Select Exam Venue

  • Now you have to select the name of the admission test center in order. You also need to provide some more information. Would you like to get an English language question paper? If you want English, mark the Yes button, and if you want Bengali, click the No button. Are you currently studying in any educational institution? If you are studying, write the name of the educational institution and the name of the subject being studied. Do you use a smartphone? If so, enter the model number of the smartphone.
  • If all the information is given correctly, then you are in the last step of submitting the application form. Now you will see three options on your skin. With the “Back” button, you can go back and re-edit the application form. You can submit the application form by clicking on the “Submit Application” button. And turn off the preview option by clicking the “Exit” button. Clicking the submit button will submit your application and take you to the bill payment page.

How to pay the application fee:

If your application is accepted correctly, you will need to pay the application fee now. That’s why you need to download the acknowledgment slip with the picture. That’s why you have to click on the Make Payment option. You can also download the acknowledgment slip from the student panel if you wish. Clicking on the Make Payment button will take you to a number of payment options. You can pay the application fee by selecting any one of the options.

You will be able to collect the acknowledgment slip by paying the bill of your choice through the bill payer option.

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How do I change the picture?

If you want to change the picture used in your application form, you can do so according to the following rules. First, click on the Application Details option. Then click on Change Photo from Photo Options. Then, when you upload a new image, the old image will be gone. Note that you can change the image at most twice. And use OTP code every time.

Can I change the admission test center?

Yes, you can.

How can I change the admission test center?

That’s why you have to go to the test center option by clicking on the application form. You can then change the re-admission test center by clicking the Update button. But you have to use OTP number for every change. Remember, this way you can change any information at most twice.

How do I change my mobile number?

If you want to change the mobile number used in the application form, follow the rules below.

Click on the Change Mobile Number option from the home page. Then you have to give three facts. First your HSC exam roll, then board name and HSC exam passing year. When all the information is given, click on the change mobile number option. Then you have to scan and upload any one of your HSC examination register card / NID / passport document in the page that will open. Then you have to enter the reason for changing the mobile number and the new mobile number. Finally, click on the Submit Document button.

Before you apply, please read GST admission circular carefully. You have to read GST university admission list for knowing which university you choose.

You can also download your GST admission Test Result from here.

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