51st International Letter Writing Competition, 2022. The Universal Postal Union (UPU) has been organizing letter writing competition for young people each year with an aim to develop young people’s skills in composition and ability to express creative thoughts clearly, to foster their enjoyment of letter writing and to help strengthen the bonds of international friendship one of the basic missions of the UPU.

International Letter Writing Competition

International Letter Writing Competition 2022

The authority of Universal Postal Union (UPU) has been announcing a letter writing competition among the Bangladeshi people. Every year they are arranging a letter writing competition to improve skills in compositions writing.

For the year 2022 the international Bureau of the UPU select the following as the theme/subject of the letter writing competition.


Mandatory Conditions for this competition

  1. Participating boys/girls (Students) must be permanent citizens of Bangladesh.
  2. His/her age (as on 30-04-2022) must not exceed 15 years.
  3. The certificates confirming the citizenship and age of a participant, attested by his/her Head of the educational institution, must accompany the letter. The certificates must bear the name of the participant along with names of parents, school, class, date of birth and permanent address.
  4. 5 copies of recent passport size, good quality photograph to be attached.
  5. The letter must not exceed the limit of 1000 words and the number of words written should be mention.

Other Requirement for Competition

  1. The writing must be in the form of a letter and contain the elements of a letter (place and date, addressee’s address, opening and closing salutation & signature). Writing in any other form will lead to its outright cancellation.
  2. The letter submitted must be recent, Unpublish letters. It must be computer compose in English.
  3. When writing, one side of a paper (A4) should be used. Writing on both sides of paper will bot be accepting.
  4. Each participant is requiring to write in English his/her own name, class, name of educational institution, address and names of parents along with the full address of residence and telephone/mobile numbers (if any) at the end of the letter.
  5. Further information in this may be collect from official website of UPU.
  6. Children or wards of any officer/employee serving with the Bangladesh Post Office will not be eligible for this competition.
  7. The complete letter must reach to Mr. Md. Jamal Pasha, Director (UPUA), Directorate of Post, Dak Bhaban (Romm-369), Dhaka-1000 through the registered/GEP service offered by the Bangladesh Post Office no later than 30-03-2022.
  8. ANy letter receive after the above mention deadline and sent through any service other than the registered/GEP of the Bangladesh Post Office will not be considered as an entry to this competition.
  9. The words “51st International Letter-Writing Competition for Young People (2022)” should be written on top of the envelope.
  10. Awarding in this competition will be at two levels: at the national level in Bangladesh and at the international level.

Awarding at the national level in Bangladesh

  1. First Prize: Prize bond worth TK 5000/-, an album of postage stamp and a certificate.
  2. Second Prize: Prize bond worth TK.4000/-, an album of postage stamp and a certificate.
  3. Third Prize: Prize bond worth TK.3000/-, an album of postage stamp and a certificate.

Awarding at the international level:

  1. First Prize: Gold Medal, a certificate and other prizes. The gold medalist will also receive a trip to Beme, Switzerland, to receive a prize at the international Bureau of the UPU.
  2. Second Prize: Silver medal, a certificate and other prizes.
  3. Third Prize: Bronze Medal, a certificate and other prizes.

Inly the letter of the participant securing the first place at the national level competition will be forwarded to the UPU international (Beme, Switzerland), to be included in the competition at the international level. All submissions to the UPU become the property of the Universal Postal Union.

47th International Letter Writing Competition, 2022

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Applicant must be read all conditions and rule before application. After read all circular, then you are applying your composition. You can apply national level and international level. In international level you will face huge competition. So, at first prepared yourself and then write your composition about International Letter Writing Competition 2022.