KU Evening MBA Admission circular will be to disclose soon. KU EMBA admission notice, admission test result, exam date and time, waiting list result, merit list result, admission form and application process you can also see here. The Evening MBA program of 2022 session has been invited to apply online for interesting students. If you want to admit on Evening MBA program in Khulna University, then apply now. The KU Evening MBA admission circular of 2022-2023 session is now available on our site.

KU Evening MBA Admission

KU Evening MBA Admission Circular 2022

The authority of Khulna University has been announcing admission notice every year. This admission circular has been publishing in the month of April. So, this year they are not announcing admission notice for coronavirus pandemic issue. As a result, the admission circular has been publishing 1 month later to actual time. As you know that all the educational institute has now close. So, their academic activity is close now.

What is Evening MBA?

Master of Business administration program is known as MBA program. The authority creates an opportunity for job holder candidates. They are to start a different MBA program. In this program you can be doing your class on weekend day from 6:00 to 8:00. In this program, all the class and examination are done by evening. So, this program has name as Evening program. Most of the students also call is EMBA. That’s mean we are call for evening MBA or executive MBA to EMBA.

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Admission Requirement’s & Eligibility

In this program, executive and fresh candidates can apply. But they have to fulfill their minimum requirements for admission. Let’ see the admission requirement for executive candidates.

  • Two years bachelor degree and four years job or business experience/ 3 years bachelor degree and 3 years job or business experience, or 4 years bachelor degree and 2 years job or business experience.
  • Every candidate must have two years job or business experience.
  • Not more than one third class are accepted.
  • You need to obtain minimum 5-point basis on point calculating table. The table you can see below.

Admission Requirements for Fresh Candidates:

  • Four- or Five-years Bachelor degree or bachelor degree and a master degree.
  • Not more than one third class (less than 2.0) in any academic result.
  • At least 8 point based on showing calculation table.

Job Experience:

  • The counted job experience requires a Managerial Position (10 grades as per national pay scale of 2015/ equivalent) in any government or registered organization.
  • Professional job experience such as physician, lawyer, consultant etc. has been counting.
  • Entrepreneurs (owner/manager) of any registered organization has been counting.

Other Eligibility for job experience:

All the candidates need to submit below documents. You have to submit your experience certificate, trade license, registration, TIN certificate, salary certificate as the proof of your experience. The admission committee will be emulated base on those documents for appropriateness of experiences. If you want to complete your course in sort time then try at Daffodil University MBA program.

KU Evening MBA Admission Point Table

Exam Division Class and Point
  1st Division/Class 2nd Division/Class 3rd Division/Class
SSC/Equivalent GPA 3.50 to above 2.50 to >3.50 1.00 to below 2.00
Point 3 2 1
O Level GPA 3 to above 2.00 to >3.00 1.00 to below 2.00
Point 3 2 1
HSC/Equivalent GPA 3.50 to above 2.00 to >3.50 1.00 to below 2.00
Point 3 2 1
E Level GPA 2.50 to above 1.50 to >2.00 1.00 to below 1.50
Point 3 2 1
Bachelor Degree (2 Years) GPA 3.50 to above 2.00 to >3.50 1.00 to below 2.00
Point 3 2 1
Bachelor Degree (3 Years) GPA 3.50 to above 2.00 to >3.50 1.00 to below 2.00
Point 4 3 2
Bachelor Degree (4/5 Years GPA 3.50 to above 2.00 to >3.50 1.00 to below 2.00
Point 6 5 3
Master Degree GPA 3.50 to above 2.00 to >3.50 1.00 to below 2.00
Point 3 2 1

Your SSC and HSC exam marks will be considered by 5-point scale and other examination will be 4-point scale. We are suggesting you to also read DU IBA MBA Admission.

KU EMBA Admission Test Marks Distribution

If you want to admit on this program, then you must be sitting on the admission test. The admission test will be held by below syllabus. There are two types of exam you can be facing. At first you need to appearing a written test. If you passed the written test with good result then you will be called for viva vice.

English language, Grammar and free handwriting: 50 marks.

Pass Mark: 20

Analytical ability and mathematical problem-solving: 40 marks.

Viva Vice: 10 marks.

Pass marks: 5.

The total marks of admission test result will 100. But you need to passing a written test at first. Remember, only sort listed candidates will be call for viva exam. So, you need to obtain a good mark in written test. Otherwise, you are not able to admit in this program. Similar article for you IU Evening MBA admission information.

KU EMBA Admission Form Collecting Method

The admission form you can collect from their office. If you want to collect admission form directs their office then you need to pay 50 TK. But you can download admission form without any paying. If you want to download admission form free then go to their official website or click below link.

Application Form Collection: The application form you can collect from 1st April 2022. The BA department also distributed admission form for eligible candidates.

Download KU EMBA Admission Form

Form Submission: You can submit your application form to the office of BA discipline. Remember, you can submit your application form during office time (9:00 AM to 4:00 PM) only. If you want to post your application, then do it. But your application must be reached before 5th April 2022.

This year, admission timetable will be change for coronavirus issue.

Application Fee: KU EMBA Admission Fee is 1500 TK. So, you need to pay this money by physically or pay order. The pay order number and instruction will be declared by the BA discipline authority.

KU Evening MBA Admission Test Result

There are two types of examination will be held for this admission procedure. At first, the candidates sit on written examination. Then written exam will be held on total 90 marks. Written exam passing candidates will be call for viva vice.

KU Evening MBA admission test written result will be publishing on 13th May 2022. This is also eligible candidates list for viva vice examination. If your name on this list then you are passed on written examination.

The final exam result for selected candidates will be published on 20th May 2022. If you are obtaining a good mark on viva exam then you can admit on this program. Viva exam will be held on 10 marks. And the pass marks are 5.

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How can I know my eligibility?

If you are eligible for admission, then you can see eligible candidates list on their website.

When eligible candidates list will be published?

The eligible candidates list will be publishing 2 days later to application submission date.

When written exam will be held?

The written exam will be held on 11th May 2022. (it may be changed for any issue)

How can I know my written exam result?

The authority will be upload eligible candidates list for viva vice. You know your result from this list. If you are successfully passed, then your name will be in the list.

When publishing written exam result?

The written exam result will be publishing 13th July 2022. The date may be change for Covid-19 pandemic.

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