NESCO Bill Payment Bkash app. You can also pay your NESCO bill by dialing *247#. Basically, there are two types of system in this bill payment. If you have Bkash mobile app, then use it. Because it is so easy to use for any bill payment. If you don’t have any app, then pay your bill in manually system. If you don’t have any account, then read Open Bkash Account.

NESCO Bill Payment Bkash

NESCO Bill Payment Bkash by using app

Multiple methods have now been devised for the submission of electricity bills. You can now easily submit your electricity bill from home. BKash Bill Payment System is the easiest way to pay mobile bills.

Through which you can easily pay the bill. Now we will discuss how to pay the electricity bill using BKash app.

To make it easier to understand, we have divided the bill payment method into several steps.

  1. Open Bkash App: If you have Bkash app on your device, then open it.
  2. Now enter your username and PIN. If you do it then you are now home page of the app.
  3. Select pay bill option of these page and click on it.
  4. Click on the NESCO write option.
  5. Select the name of the month to pay the bill and enter Bill number. After that, click next button.
  6. Here you can see your bill status. The screen show you bill payment last date and time. Now inter bill amount and click next button.
  7. After that, you need to enter your PIN and click next button.
  8. Now you can see where you are paying the bill and if you agree, tap and hold it at the bottom of the skin.
  9. Now you can see that your bill payment successfully completed. Click next
  10. t button.
  11. In this stage, you have to download or save payment sleep. If you want to know the payment status, then click next button. Here you can see your payment status. If your payment successfully done then you can see payment received.

The whole thing is shown in the picture below.

NESCO Bill Payment by Dial *247#

For those who do not have a smartphone, there is a system to pay the bill manually. If you want, you can pay your NESCO electricity bill at home using BKash app. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • At first dial *247# from open Bkash menu.
  • Then choose option number 7 (Pay bill).
  • Now select 1 for prepaid bill payment and option 2 for postpaid bill payment.
  • Then select Option number 4 for (NESCO).
  •  Select option number 2 (Make Payment).
  • After that, select option number 1 (Input Bill A/C number).
  • Enter SMS account number.
  • Now enter billing month and year.
  • At this moment, you need to input bill amount.
  • Finally, you have to input your Bkash PIN.
  • Your bill payment process is done. Now you have to wait until they are sending a bill payment confirmation SMS.


Many may be afraid to pay their bills online. They are afraid that the bill payment may be correct? I tell those who have this kind of fear that bill payment is completely unadulterated and risk-free.

Q & A Section:

How do I pay my NESCO bill online?

We are already discussing how to apply NESCO bill by online method. Please header 2 sections.

Is bill pay free in BKash?
No, It’s not free. They are charge for bill payment. You can read Bkash Bill payment charge.
Is it risk-free?
Yes, is it.
What should I do if there is a problem with the development bill payment?
You can complain Bkash agent or their complaint mail if you face any trouble to pay bill.
Do I need to open a BKash account to pay my electricity bill?
Yes. If you haven’t any Bkash account, then open it. It is very easy and simple. You need to carry National ID and photo.

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