NID registration process and procedure. NID registration online system. Many again want to know how to apply for NID card. If you want to apply for NID card online then this article is for you. Today we will discuss how to apply for NID card online. One thing I would like to say in this case, if you want to change the information of the old NID card, then read the post given to us in the link below. This article is only for opening a new NID card.

NID Registration

NID Registration Online Process and Procedure

Suppose for some reason your NID card is not registered this year. Now you want to. But time has already passed. The Upazila based program has expired. You will now need to apply for a new NID card online.

Requirements for Applying NID Card:

  • Citizenship of Bangladesh.
  • Age must be more than 18 years or equal.
  • Does not stand declared by a competent court to be an unsound mind. And
  • Candidates must be deemed to a resident of an electoral area.

If a person wants to apply new NID card then they need to submit below documents with his/her application copy.

  1. SSC or equivalent certificate.
  2. Your birth certificate.
  3. Passport/TIN certificate or Driving Licenses.
  4. Utility bill paper, House rent paper or holding tax receipt for proofing your address.
  5. Your father/mother/husband/wife’s NID card (photo copy).

If you don’t submit those documents then your new NID card application will not applicable. They are not allowed to issue your NID card. So, please collect those documents. If you don’t have any birth certificate then read this blog about way to  online birth registration.

We are also writing about how to apply for TIN certificate. At first collect all the documents and apply through online.

NID Registration How to Apply?

  • Fill in all the information correctly step by step
  • Fill in all the information in Bengali except your full name in Unicode
  • Re-verify all the information through the preview after all the steps are completed
  • Create a PDF file, print it and submit it along with the required documents to the nearest election office
  • After verifying the information you provided and verifying the address, your card will be created once the information is confirmed
  • Collect the card by submitting the card receipt.

If you want to apply online TIN Certificate then read it.

NID Registration Application Process

At first visit the below website or click apply for new voter ID card.

Register NID Card

1st Step: You need to input your full name. Carefully write your full name and confirm it OK. Then you need to enter your date of birth. Please enter your date of birth acceding to your documents. Now you need to input security code. Now click next button.

2nd Step: Here you need to enter your mobile number. Remember you will be received a verification code on your mobile. So, you must be use your phone or close relative’s phone for this purpose.

3rd Step: In this step you need to chose a user name and input it. Then chose a password and enter on the two types. New click register button.

Now you need to complete three steps. Edit your personal and other’s information. Then submit your documents. At the last you can able to apply for new voter ID or NID card.

NID Card Form Fill Up Procedures

  • Write your name in Bangla. Then enter birth registration number, gender, birth place and blood group.
  • Now enter your father’s information like name, NID number, death date (if applicable). Remember, your father names need to write in at first Bangla then English front.
  • In this section need to input your mother’s information. Your mother’s information need to input as like your father information.
  • Next you need to input your elder brother/sister information. You can skip it.
  • If you are married then chose it from drop down menu. Your spouse name and NID number you need to input if you have. Otherwise skip it.
  • When your personal information form fill up please click next button from right side of the top.
  • In this section you need to input your education, occupation, disability and identity mark in first row. In second row you need to enter your passport, TIN and driving licenses number.
  • Last step you need to enter your present and permanent address. All the information that you are provide here that must be similar to your submitting documents.

Online NID Registration

NID Card Registration Submitting Procedure

Now your application has been submitting. But you need to upload your documents. As you know that we are discuss about what kinds of documents are needed. Please upload your documents and submit your application.

The authority will be justifying your application and give you the information. They are calling you for face to face verifying yourself. You can also read how to apply online TIN certificate.

Follow their instruction and fill the form. When your application form will be done you need to download and print out it. Then you need to attach your all documents with application copy. Your application copy and documents must be submitted on National ID Wing (NIDW) regional office. Their office address we are given below. The application and your presence are needed on NIDW office.

National ID Wing (NIDW)
Islamic Foundation Bhaban (6th- 9th Floor)
Phone Number: 088-02-8126201, 088-02-8150846

NID Registration Application Fee

How to modify the card information?

The NID registration wing / Upazila / Thana / district election office should apply for correction of incorrect information. Appropriate documents suitable for amendment should be attached to the application.

Will any record of the card be kept on record?

The records of all the amendments are stored in the central database.

Do I have to submit a certificate for amendment if my father / husband / mother are mistakenly referred to as dead?

In order to correct the identity card by wrongly referring the deceased father / husband / mother as deceased, the identity card of the person concerned should be submitted.

I am single. My card is written by the husband without the father. How can this be fixed?

In the concerned Upazila / Police Station / District Election Office, you should apply for proof of non-marriage.

What is the process of adding husband’s name after marriage?

Apply along with the photocopy of the marriage card and the ID card of the husband and the NID Registration Wing / related upazila / Thana / district election office.

The marriage is divorced. Now the husband’s name should be removed from the ID card?

Apply to the NID Registration Wing / concerned Upazila / Police Station / District Election Office by attaching a divorce document (divorce).

After the divorce, I got a new marriage. Now how can I attach the name of the present husband to the name of the previous husband?

The first divorce divorce application and the subsequent marriage cabinet should be completed by filling in the amendment form.

The picture on my ID card is blurry, what needs to be done to change the picture?

In this case, you should apply directly to the National Identity Registration Section.

Do you have to submit the document along with the application to correct the spelling of your father / husband / mother / mother name?

The certified copy of SSC / Equivalent Certificate, Birth Certificate, Passport, Citizenship House, Job Certificate,  Father / Husband / Mother’s National Identity Card are to be submitted.

Do you have to submit a document along with an application for correction if registered with your nickname or other name?

SSC / equivalent certificate, certified copy of the national identity card of the wife / husband in case of marriage, affidavit edited by the magistrate court and notices in national papers, warrior certificate, union / municipal or city corporation.

Do you have to submit a certificate if you want to refer to the parent as ‘dead’?

If the parent / husband want to mention the dead, the dead certificate must be submitted.

How can the address be changed / modified?

Due to change of residence only, the application for change of address can be made through the form 5 in the Upazila / Police Station office of the area where they are currently residing. However, if there is a change or address information or spelling mistake within the same voting area, a general correction application form can be will be correct by applying.

How can the correction of the names of the parents? 

All copies of the card and details of the relationship should be submitted along with sufficient authentic documents along with NID Registration Wing / Upazila / District Election Office.

I passed the SSC or vice versa without my knowledge, but what is the way to correct my age or other information?

You did not pass the SSC in the Magistrate Court, erroneously wrote that the affidavit with the copy of the affidavit can be will be correct.

The other person’s information has come out on the ID card.

How can this mistake be will be correct?

The application should be submitted to the NID Registration Wing / concerned Upazila / Police Station / District Election Office by submitting sufficient documents to correct the misinformation. In this case, after correcting the bio-metric correction, correction will be processed.

What do I need to do to include or correct a blood group?

To include or correct a blood group, a blood group should submit a diagnostic report.

What are the process of changing age / date of birth?

The photocopy of SSC or equivalent examination certificates should be submit along with a verify photocopy application. If no SSC or equivalent certificate has been obtain, all documents for proper age should be submit before submission. After the application, the matter will be investigate and necessary correction will be made to determine the correct subject to medical examination.

I want to change the signature, how can I do it?

The new signature should be attach along with the accept certificate and the application should be made. However, the signature can be changed only once.

My date of birth is not written correctly, I have no authentic document, how can I be will be correct?

Apply to the concerned Upazila / District Election Office. Require subject to investigation

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