NSU Admission Circular 2023-2024 will be publishing soon for summer session. The university has been announcing admission timetable in their website. The admission notice of North South university (NSU) you can collect from here. We are also providing admission criteria, eligibility, tuition cost, admission cost, total course cost for undergraduate students, admission test result and many more information here.

NSU Admission


NSU Admission Circular 2023-2024 Summer Session

North-south university is one of the reputed privet university in our country. Their education system is so rich. As a result, the demand of this university has been increase day by day. Although education cost of this university is so high, but they are providing a good quality of education.

Every year, they are publishing admission circular in three times for undergraduate students. Not only this university but also all privet university has been run three semesters in a year.

The admission circular of North South university has been publishing this month. The summer semester has been start from end of the March 2023. So, the admission circular will be publishing very soon for summer session 2023-2024. You can also try to read BDU Admission.

How to download NSU admission circular?

The admission circular you can download from our website. Usually the circular has been uploaded on their official website. But we are to collect and upload it here.  You can download your admission circular by click below link.

Download NSU Admission Circular

NSU Admission Criteria or Eligibility

As you know that, it is a most prestigious privet university, so they are set some criteria for admission in undergraduate program. You have to fulfill their criteria for admitting to this university. Let’s see their admission criteria.

  • National Curriculum: SSC/HSC or equivalent examination minimum GPA is 3.50 separately. SSC/HSC or equivalent examination, combined GPA 8.00.
  • Cambridge/Edexcel Curriculum: Minimum GPA of 2.5 in 5 subjects of O-Level.  At least GPA of 2.0 in 2 subjects of A-Level; and minimum “C” grade in Math or Physics in A-level. (A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2 & E=1). Only one “E” grade is acceptable.
  • You have to obtain acceptable score of NSU admission test.
  • Candidate must pass HSC/A-Levels in current year or one previous year.
  • You have to read their admission eligibility for knowing other criteria.

How to Apply to North South University?

The application system of North south university is online based. You have to submit your application via online. For this reason, you have to create an account on their website. Let’s see the application submission procedure of NSU.

Apply Now

  • Click apply now link or visit their official website.
  • Then click register button.
  • Complete your registration by entering valid email and password.
  • After that, verify your email address.
  • Then log in to your account.
  • Now you have to click apply now link.
  • At this moment, an application form will be open. Fill up the application form properly.
  • Check the application form and submit it.
  • Remember, you are not able to edit your application copy after submitting.
  • So, carefully check it before clicking on submit button.

NSU Course Fee Structure

Program/Degree Admission Fee Tuition Fee Per Credit Student Activities Fee Library Fee Computer Lab Fee Science Lab Fee Studio Lab Fee
Bachelor of Architecture 25,000 6,500 3,000 1,500 2,500 0 2,500
CSE 25,000 6,500 3,000 1,500 2,500 2,500 0
EEE 25,000 6,500 3,000 1,500 2,500 2,500 0
ETE 25,000 6,500 3,000 1,500 2,500 2,500 0
BS in Biochemistry and Biotechnology 25,000 6,500 3,000 1,500 2,500 2,500 0
BS in Microbiology 25,000 6,500 3,000 1,500 2,500 2,500 0
BPharm Professional 25,000 6,500 4,500 2,250 3,750 5,000 0
BS in Environmental Science and Environmental Management 25,000 6,500 3,000 1,500 2,500 2,500 0
BBA 25,000 6,500 3,000 1,500 2,500 0 0
BA in English 25,000 6,500 3,000 1,500 2,500 0 0
BS in Economics 25,000 6,500 3,000 1,500 2,500 0 0
CEE 25,000 6,500 3,000 1,500 2,500 2,500 0
LLB HONS. 25,000 6,500 3,000 1,500 2,500 2,500 0
Non-Degree 10,000 6,500 3,000 1,500 2,500 0 0

You can also read NSU MBA Cost.

NSU Admission Test Result

The admission test result has been published very soon. You can download your admission test from their official website. We are also publishing admission test result in our website. S0, you can also collect it from our website. Before that, you have to know admission test question pattern. So, we are now discussing admission test question pattern.

Exam Type: MCQ and written.

Total Marks: 150.

Exam Duration: 2.30 minutes.

Total Section: 5.

Subject Question Type No. of question Time Marks
English (grammar & Vocabulary) MCQ Total 40 40 40
Quantitative Aptitude (General Math) MCQ Total 50 50 50
Reading Comprehension MCQ Total 20 20 20
Composition (Essay) Written 1 20 20
Drawing (Only for B. Architecture) Drawing 2 30 30

North South University Admission Test Sample Question

We are giving you a sample question for getting better idea about question pattern. NSU question pattern is MCQ and written type. But only B.Arch. students appeared drawing test. We are to upload an image version of admission test question pattern. You can also read BGC Trust University Admission


North South University is one of the renowned private universities in our country. The standard of education in that university is much improved. Although the cost of studying here is much higher. In addition, more applications are received each year than the number of seats allotted for admission. Due to which eligible candidates are selected through admission test. You can also read CVASU Admission.

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