Nursing Admission Circular 2022 has been publish very soon. Nursing Admission result, admission test seat plan, exam date and time, admission requirements. The admission circular will be available here as soon as possible. You can now learn how to apply on BSc in nursing or diploma in nursing science and midwifery.

Nursing Admission

BSc in nursing admission Circular 2022

BSc in nursing admission 2022 is now open. Bachelor of Science Nursing Admission Circular 2022 is now available here.  The authority of Bangladesh Nursing & Midwifery council has been publishing admission circular on their website. In this circular they are announcing admission in BSc in nursing and midwifery course. If you want to admit in BSc in nursing diploma course then you can apply through online. The online application system is opening very soon. Here we are discussing about how to apply on nursing diploma admission. So, you can apply through online as per maintain their terms and condition.

11th March 2022 Comprehensive Exam Result.

See Admission Result

They are offering in three types of admission courses.

  • BSc in nursing.
  • Diploma in nursing sciences and midwifery.
  • Diploma in midwifery.

BSc in Nursing Admission Notice 2022

Every year huge amount of students has been applied on this course. If you want to admit on this subject or courses then you must be pass on admission test. Otherwise you are not able to admit on this course. Remember government and privet nursing institute has been following the same admission test result. The women of our country are like to becoming a nurse. So, in this section 90% seat are fix for women. And other 10% seat for male candidates. So, we can see that maximum students in this section are women.

According to the circular application will be start second week of November 2022. And it will be continue last day of November 2022. Let’s see the curriculum of this admission program.

Download Admission Notice 2022

3rd Migration Application Notice & Method

Nursing Admission 2nd Merit List & Waiting List.

Application Start: 15th November 2022.

Last date of application submission: 29th November 2022.

Last date of paying application fee: 30th November 2022.

Admit card downloading start: 15th December 2022.

Deadline to download admit card: 19th December 2022.

Admission Test Date: 20th December 2022.

Note: The date and time will be change due to coronavirus issue.

1st Mrgration Result 2020-2021 Session

Admission Prospectus for 2020-2021 Session

Nurshing & Midwifery Admission Result

BSc in Nursing Admission Application

Before your application you need to know their requirements. If you don’t know their requirement then how can you ensure that you are enabling to application. So, at first read their all requirements and ensure that you qualification full fill their requirements. As you know that requirements and other information you can see their official website. But we are also uploading the requirements list by collecting from their website. So, you can also read the same things here. The nursing admission test result you can see from here.

Apply now

See Online Application Instruction

Download Admission Result

Check Merit List Result

BSc in nursing application requirements

The requirements to admit on nursing and midwifery courses are given below. Please read the requirements carefully if you want to application.

  1. Applicants must be permanent citizens of Bangladesh.
  2. Your HSC passing year must be 2019 or 2022. In the same thing you SSC passing year must be 2017 or 2018.
  3. If you want to admit on BSc in nursing program then you need to pass SSC and HSC exam in Science group with minimum GPA 3.00. Your subtotal GPA must be 7.00. And your both exam need minimum GPA 3.00 in biology subject.
  4. For the diploma in nursing science and midwifery and diploma in midwifery course the candidates can be apply from any group. But you need to average GPA-2.50 and total GPA-6.00 in both exams. Remember, only female candidates can apply on diploma in midwifery program.
  5. 90% of the total seats are allocated for female candidates and the remaining 10% for boys.

How to apply BSc in nursing Admission

Every candidate wants to know that application process. So, we are now discussing about application process to submit application for nursing admission. At first we are listing what you need to application submission.

Apply now

  • At first you need to input your personal information on application form.
  • You need to deposit application fee 1000 TAKA on Pubali Bank branch and upload scan on this deposit copy.
  • Your passport size color photo by scanning.
  • Your signature by scanning.
  • HSC and SSC exam roll, registration and GPA information.

So, if you have those documents and information then you are ready to application submission. So, now we are showing you how to application submission.

Application Process to Submit BSc in nursing Application

At first click apply now click link. You can also visit their official website for application link. Here you can see the application link in below section. So, click this link and chose your course and click next button. Here you need to fill up your personal data as per their requirement. After that click next button and you can read next page. How do I apply for nursing college?

Upload your photo, signature and bank deposit receipt and click follow the instruction. If everything is alright then click submit button. Now you can able to download your admit card.

Nursing & Midwifery Institute with available seat in Bangladesh

Now we are discussing about available seat in Bangladesh. There are two types of institute in available in our country.

Institute Name Seat Number
Midford Nursing Institute. 80 Seats
Nursing Institute, Faridur. 80 Seats
Nursing Institute, Faridpur. 80 Seats
Nursing Institute, Khulna. 80 Seats
Nursing Institute, Dinajpur. 80 Seats
Nursing Institute, Bogra. 80 Seats
Nursing Institute, Tangail. 80 Seats
Nursing Institute, Pabna. 80 Seats
Nursing Institute, Rangamati. 80 Seats
Nursing Institute, Noakhali. 80 Seats
Nursing Institute, Jessore. 80 Seats
Nursing Institute, Kushtia. 80 Seats
Nursing Institute, Potuakhali. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Sirajgonj. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Munshigonj. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Rajbari. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Netrokona. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Sherpur. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Chapai Nowabgonj. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Joypurhat. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Thakurgaon. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Kurigram. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Cox’s Baza. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Feni. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, B Baria. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Moulavibazar. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Bagerhat. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Magura. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Chuadanga. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Satkhira. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Bhola. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Gopalgonj. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Madaripur. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Pirojpur. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Naogaon. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Nilphamari. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Barguna. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Panchagar. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Jamalpur. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Chandpur. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Jhinaidah. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Hobigonj. 50 Seats
Nursing Institute, Kishoregonj. 50 Seats

Government Institute for BSc in Nursing & Diploma in Nursing

There are different kinds of course and institute. We are categories all the institute. Now we are showing this institute on a table. In our country below government institution is offering admission submission notice.

SL Course Name Course Duration Institution. Seat
1 Basic BSc in Nursing. 4 Years 20 1635
2 Diploma in nursing science & midwifery. 3 Years 46 2730
3 Diploma in Midwifery. 3 Years 41 1050
4 Post BSc in nursing/ Public health nursing. 2 Years 6 650
5 Masters of Science in Nursing (MSS) 2 Years 1 60
6 Diploma in Pediatric Nursing. 1 Year 1 20
7 Diploma in Cardiac Nursing. 1 Year 0
8 Diploma in Renal Nursing. 1 Year 0
9 Family welfare Visitor. (FWV) 18 Months 12 1000
10 Junior Midwifery. 18 Months 0
11 Community Paramedic. 2 Years 0
12 Community Based Skill Barth Attendance. (CSBA) 6 Months. 48 960

Privet Institute for BSc in Nursing & Diploma in Nursing

Total Total
SL Course Name Course Duration Institution. Seat
1 Basic BSc in Nursing. 4 Years 66 3140
2 Diploma in nursing science & midwifery. 3 Years 204 9780
3 Diploma in Midwifery. 3 Years 28 950
4 Post BSc in nursing/ Public health nursing. 2 Years 47 1835
5 Masters of Science in Nursing (MSS) 2 Years 0
6 Diploma in Pediatric Nursing. 1 Year 0
7 Diploma in Cardiac Nursing. 1 Year 5 100
8 Diploma in Renal Nursing. 1 Year 1 20
9 Family welfare Visitor. (FWV) 18 Months 0
10 Junior Midwifery. 18 Months 13 360
11 Community Paramedic. 2 Years 23 1270
12 Community Based Skill Birth Attendance. (CSBA) 6 Months. 4 80

All the data are making by according to 24th December 2019 report. So, the institution list may be increase or decrease by the government law. But when the governments doing any change we are update it on our website.

Let’s see subtotal data summary. Basically BSc in nursing, diploma in nursing and midwifery courses institution and available seat in our country.

Course Name Total Institution. Total Seat.
BSc in Nursing. 46 4675
Diploma in Nursing. 250 12510
Diploma in Midwifery. 69 2000
Sub Total 405 19185

How can I get admission in government nursing college?

If you wish to attend Government Nursing College, you must attend the Admission Test by the Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council. Below are the steps to be taken to enter the Government Nursing College.

First you have to take admission test in Nursing College.

After completing the admission test, you will have to take part in the oral examination.

Merit list will be created after passing the oral examination.

You can get admission in various government colleges according to merit list number.

How many seats are there in BSC nursing?

Is BSc nursing tough?

The answer to this question of whether a task is too difficult depends on your ability. If you take the nursing job as your profession and work accordingly, that is easy for you. Whatever you do with joy or pleasure, it becomes easier for you.

Can I become doctor after BSc nursing?

You will be able to become a doctor after completing your BSc in Nursing course, but you will need to complete the following activities.

First, you need to have all kinds of qualifications for admission to medical college.

Then you have to be admitted to medical college.

You need to finish your MD course.

Then do the internship.

You will then be eligible to become a doctor.

Is 2022 Nursing form out?

No, the admission form of nursing admission is not out yet. But the admission form will be out in the month of November of this year. So, you can collect your admission form on this time.

What are the requirements to study nursing?

There are different kinds of course in nursing. The requirements also depend on course type. If you want to know the requirements then follow this link.

Is nursing school form out for 2022?

No, the form of nursing school admission not out yet. But admission form will be come out in the month of November 2022.

What is the salary of a nurse per month in BD?

The average salary of a staff nurse in Bangladesh is 44000 TK. According to the salary grade lowest nurse salary is 22400 TK and highest is 47800 TK including house rent, car rent and other benefits.

But this salary grade is only for Bangladeshi nurse.

What is the future of BSc nursing?

Before answering this question, you need to know what steps to take after becoming a nurse and how your salary will increase. You can also read the staff nurse job circular.

When you first join a nurse in a government institution, your salary will be 7000-16000 TK. Then after two to three years, if you can become a staff nurse, your salary will be about 25,000 TK. Then if you qualify to be a Senior Staff Nurse, your salary will be more than 50,000.

Can I do nursing after 10th?

Yes Can do this but you need to admit on diploma in nursing course. If you want to admit in BSc in nursing course admission then you must be complete higher secondary degree.

Which course is best after BSc nursing?

Basically the best nursing course in BSc in nursing course that course duration is 4 years.

Is necessary to  for BSc nursing?

Yes, it is need for becoming a nurse. Because all the institution are recruiting nurse according to the nursing diploma course certificate. If you want to join as a nurse in an institution or hospital then you need a nursing diploma certificate. Otherwise you are not able to join any kinds of company as a nurse. If you need more information then visit Bangladesh Nursing & Midwifery Council.

Is nursing a good career?

Yes, the nursing profession alone is a good profession. Because it is a profession of public service. Now there is a chance to build a good career in this profession. You can set up a career as a skilled nurse in a public or private organization if you wish. Moreover, salaries are paid well in this profession.

Should I be a teacher or a nurse?

Whether you choose a profession or teacher depends on your desire. Because both of service professions. Two professions have many reputations. But if you are a woman and love to do the service, I would personally recommend you to choose a nurse’s profession. The scopes of working in this profession are increasing day by day. So getting a job is a lot easier than other professions.

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