online birth registration in Bangladesh is now online basis. You can register your online birth registration now. Birth registration is very important for everyone. It is much more important to register the birth of your child. The number of digital birth certificates is increasing day by day. You can apply for a digital birth certificate online.

Online Birth Registration

Online Birth Registration

It is important to register your child within forty-five days after birth. For this you have to go to the nearest birth registration office. But if you want you can register the birth online. For this you will need to apply online. To apply you need to go to the selected website of the Government of Bangladesh.

Apply for the birth certificate with the information set out on their website. Then they will give you a copy of the application form. You should download the copy and go to the local birth office or union office. The form has to be submitted there. They will then hand you the verification birth certificate shortly afterwards. 

The step to online birth registration application:

  1. Select your Division, District, Thana, register office and word number. Then click the next button from the below.
  2. Write candidates name, date of birth and gender.
  3. After that write candidates mother name, father name and their nationality. Remember at first you need to write this name in Bangla language.
  4. Now write the candidates birth place, present address and permanent address in Bangla.
  5. If everything is right then click next button.
  6. In this page you need to rewrite your previous information in English language.
  7. Then click submit button.

Your application has been done. Now you can download your applicant copy. Please download or print out your applicant copy. You need to submit this copy on sub register office on your locality.

Criteria to Submit Online Birth Registration

Birth registration is an important issue. The baby needs to be registered within 45 days of birth. After the birth of the child, he has to go to the local birth registration office and register. To register your child’s birth you can apply at your local registration office by entering the link: After applying, you can also see the status of your application by entering the link. After registering, you can verify that your Registration House is correct by entering the link. The criteria of online birth registration you can see below.

For persons born, deceased or permanently residing in the City Corporation area, the Mayor of the City Corporation or the officer or commissioner to whom he shall be responsible.

The person who is born, dies, or lives permanently in the area of ​​the municipality, is the chairman or administrator of the municipality or the officer or commissioner whom he or she will be responsible for.

The union council member or member of the officer to whom the government is responsible for the birth, death or permanent residence of persons born in the union council area.

For persons born, deceased or permanently residing in the cantonment area, the President of the Cantonment Board or the officer to whom he assigns responsibility.

In the case of any Bangladeshi born and died abroad, the ambassador of the Bangladesh Embassy or the officer he will be responsible for.

Bangladesh Digital Birth Certificate

Digital birth certificate issuance has started in Bangladesh. With the advancement of technology, the activities of this country are being digitized. As a result, digital birth certificates are now being officially issued. And for this you need to apply online. The rules and procedures for applying are described below.

To apply online, you need to visit the website of the Registrar General’s Office of the Government of Bangladesh. If you do not know the address of their website, click on the link below. You will then need to fill out the application form with the correct information in the space provided. Remember to spell your information and name correctly.

If not then you need to apply for the correct spelling of the name again. You will be able to see a preview when the application form is completed after verifying the application form correctly, click on the submit button. And if there is any mistake, edit it and click on submit button.

You will see an application when your application process is complete. Download the said application form and submit it to your nearest Registrar’s Office. Within a few days of submission, you will receive your child’s digital birth certificate. And you do not have to pay any money. But for other reasons you have to pay a fixed fee. Let’s see what the application fee is.

Bangladesh Digital Birth Certificate Downloads

To download the digital birth certificate you need to go to the Registrar General’s website. From there you will need to login to your account. Now you have to click on the Download Birthday option. After clicking on the button, you can collect your birth certificate.


Fee Fee




Registration of birth or death of a person up to 5 (forty-five) days after birth or death



Registration of birth or death of a person from 45 (forty five) days to 5 (five) years after birth (in total)

25 TK


Registration of birth or death of a person after 5 (five) years of birth or death (in total)

50 TK


Application fee for correction of date of birth

100 TK


Application fee for correction of name, father’s name, mother’s name, address etc. other than date of birth

50 TK


Provide a copy of the original certificate or information in both Bengali and English after correction



Provision of duplicate certificates in both Bengali and English

50 TK


Bangladesh Birth Certificate Correction

If you need to correction of your birth certificate then you can do it. If your birth certificate is incorrect and you want to correct it then you need to apply. You will need to complete and submit a form. You will have to pay a fixed amount of fee to change any information about births. These fees vary depending on the type of information.

For example, if you want to change the date of birth, you have to pay a 100 TK in the country and 2 dollars abroad. Again if you want to change the name, father’s name, mother’s name, and address etc. then 50 TK in the country and 1 dollar abroad. You can also read how to apply online TIN certificate.

Birth Certificate Verification Form

You can download a birth registration form now. The authority has been allowed to download application form on their website. The application form downloading link you can see below. Birth certificate verification form you can see on their official website. You can able to download it from here. If you want to download it then click below lick. At first logging on your account. After that click applicant copy downloading button. You can also read how can you apply online NID registration.

Can birth registration be registered in a country if born abroad?

Answer: According to Section 4 of the Birth and Death Registration Act, birth or death of a person born or dying or a permanent resident can be registered under the office of the Registrar. Therefore, a person born / dying abroad can register birth / death from the registrar at the permanent address in the country by submitting proper proof of birth or death abroad as a permanent citizen of Bangladesh.

Similarly, expatriate Bangladeshis will be able to register their birth at the embassy by December 31, 2017, mentioning their country’s birth and permanent address.


Do new birth registrations have to be written in the manual register?

Absolutely not! Click on the ‘New Birth Registration’ button in the ‘Tool’ to register a new birth. A manual will be created next to the manual number created online. Twenty-two pages of this exterior and 12 lines per page will be automatically created after the data entry of the next number.

How will UISC entrepreneurs register new births?

UISC entrepreneurs are Data Entry Operator, they will make online entry through manual account. The new birth will be registered by the Secretary of the Union Council or Authorized Person. No one other than the Authorized Person can register a new birth directly.

However, by entering the ‘Provide Birth Information’ link in the ‘Tool’, the applicant’s birth information has to be sent along with the Authorized Person. Authorized Person will be able to register that birth information through saving. The certificate is very essential for different purpose such as Open Bkash account. 

Can the same person register more than one birth?

Birth registration cannot be done more than once in favor of the same person. It is a punishable offense under section 28 of the Birth and Death Registration Act, 20.

How do you check if a person is born registered?

You can check your birth registration certificate in this place.

Check Birth Certificate Online

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