Open Bkash Account by sitting in the home. How to easily open a Bkash account by using mobile app or Bkash agent point? If you want to easily open a Bkash account in your name, this is the right place for you. For technical Bkash you can open a Bkash account right from the door. You do not have to go to the store for trouble. Nor will you spend any money. Free up your Bkash account in a short time from sitting at home.

Open Bkash Account Bkash

How to Open Bkash Account?

Let’s not know what Bkash? Bkash is a mobile money transfer system developed by BRAC Bank. Bkash is one of the ways to make money transactions on mobile. It is currently the most popular mobile money transfer system in Bangladesh. There is also mobile money transferring systems like Rocket, U-Cash, M-Cash, I-Cash etc. in Bangladesh. But in terms of acceptance, people of this country prefer Bkash. In our country Bkash is the first mobile money transferring system.

There are two types of methods for opening an account. You can choose whichever you wish.

  • By the Bkash agent for which you need to go.
  • With Bkash app you can do it yourself from home.

Depending on the situation of the present country, we will ask for the second choice. Because the country is now in lock down for corona virus. You can’t get out if you want to. It may not be good for you to get out. So with the Bkash app you can easily open an account from home. The candidates also read open rocket account for mobile money transferring.

Open Your Account by Using Mobile App

For those who use the mobile app, this is a simple matter. But for those who haven’t used the App, it’s a little difficult. But we will give you the right direction. With which you can easily open an account.

First let us know what it takes to open an account by Bkash app. Following this procedure, you only need your NID card to open the account. No need for anything else. And that’s why it’s so easy.

Let’s understand the steps to open an account.

First download the development app on your smartphone. You can find this app on the Google Play Store or the official sales website. Or you can download the development app by clicking the link below.

When your app is finished downloading, turn on the data connection and opens the app. Your app’s homepage will be similar to the image below. Now you have to click on Login / Registration button. You can see the Login or Registration button above all. At this stage you will have two options. One is for logging in and the other is for new account registration. If you are trying to open a new account, just click on the second one. Now enter the mobile number you want to open the account with the number, click on the arrow now. Then select which operator SIM card you use.

How to open account by Using Mobile Apps?

Here you can see pictures of all five operators – Airtel, Banglalink, GP and Teletalk. So select your used operator. You will then receive a verification code. Remember that the SMS will go to the mobile number you gave. Enter the verification code you find here. Be careful not to share your verification code with anyone. If you have correctly entered the verification code, you will now need to select the language. You need to select the language in which your app works.

If you want Bangla, select Bangla and select English if you want English. You will need to check the “I want after reading all terms and conditions” button to acknowledge that the next page will show their terms and conditions. Now you have to take two side pictures of your NID card. Remember that you need to take the front picture of the NID card first and then the back picture.

You will need to take a picture of yourself after the NID card is finished. The app will show you by completing the form with the information taken from the NID card you provided. If everything is correct, click the Next button. This time you have to give information on four things. Whether select you are a Male or a female, source of income, monthly income and your career. Now make your picture and finish registration.

Bkash Account Registration NID Card Verifying

If all the process are done then you need to capture your NID card photo. At the first time you need to capture front side of your NID card. Please bring your NID card front side  into the photo frame. If your NID card don’t show full side then it is not acceptable. 

After the completing front side photo capture you need to NID card back side capture. The rules as same of front side photo capturing. Remember your full NID card must be show on the photo.

Bkash Account Registration Photo Verifying

When your NID card verifying you need to verify your photo. For this reason you need to capturing your photo by using your phone. Remember your photo must be clear and show in the middle of the photo frame.

The photo has been show you step to verify photo. Before your photo verifying you need to insure your personal details are correct. This information has been taken into the NID card. So, you need to confirm all the information are correct.

On the other hand, you need to fill up your gender, source of income, monthly income and profession. Then you need to verified photo.

In this step they are give you instruction to adjust your face on the photo frame. Follow their instruction and verify your photo.

If you photo has been verified then your account registration done. Now you need to wait sometimes until they are sending confirmation SMS.

Open Your Account By Bkash Agent

You can also open Bkash account from Bkash agent and customer care point. They are also help you to open your Bkash account. For this reason you need to bring below documents.

  1. Your Mobile Phone.
  2. NID card/Passport/Driving Licences original copy and photocopy.
  3. One copy passport size photo.

Remember, if you bring another NID card then registration will be possible. But you need to proper document to prove yours relation. Read how to open a NID card in Bangladesh. You can also apply online birth registration.

The steps to complete your account registration by Bkash Agent and customer point.

  • At first dial *247#.
  • Choose your “Activate Mobile Menu” option.
  • Choose your 5 digit PIN number and enter it here.
  • Again enter your same PIN number.

You are done. Keep your PIN number secret to other’s. Don’t share your PIN number with other’s. 

How can I use BKash account?

The account using system is very simple. You need to learn many things for this reason. This account has been used in many purpose. Somebody use it for mobile recharge, some money transferring. You can also pay your various bill  such as gas, electricity, application etc by using Bkash account. We are recommended you to use Bkash app. This app make you simple to use your Bkash account.

How do I cash out BKash?

If you want to cash out from Bkash account then follow below instruction.

  • Dial *247#.
  • Select 4 and click send button.
  • Now select your options. If you want to cash out from agent then select 1 and press send button. If you want to cash out from ATM then select 2 and press send button.
  • Now enter the agent mobile number carefully and press send button. The agent number will be provide you in the Bkash agent person.
  • Enter amount of your cash out and press send.
  • Now you need to input your PIN number. Enter your Bkash PIN and press send button.
  • If everything is OK then your cash out process has been done. You will be receive a cash out notification.

How can I transfer money from one bKash account to another Bkash account?

If your both of account are personal then you can do it. You need to use send money option. Go to your Bkash menu and select 1 for send money. Then enter receiver mobile number and press send button. Now you need to enter a reference number. It will be anything that you like but must be unique. Then enter your Bkash PIN number and press send button. Your send money process are done. The authority has been send a confirmation SMS.


How can I open my account in BKash E-KYC at Digital Registration Point?

If you want to open your Bkash account in E-KYC at digital registration point then go to the place. But you need to bring your mobile and NID card original copy.

Can I open a BKash account online?

Yes, you can. For this reason you need to follow their instruction. You need to download Bkash App and register your account. The details information already we are providing in this article.

Can I open BKash account with passport?

Yes, you can do it. For this reason please go to near Bkash customer point or agent center. Don’t forget to bring your passport and mobile.

Can I change my BKash number?

No, you don’t do this. You can open a new Bkash account by using new mobile number.

What is counter number in BKash?

The counter number is payment system. When you buy anything and pay your bill by Bkash then you need a counter number. The salesman will be provide you counter number.

How can I check my BKash account?

You can check your Bkash account by dialing *247#. If your phone showing Bkash menu then your account has been ran.

How does BKash make money?

You can make money by using Bkash account. Yes, if you deposit your money by using your Bkash account then you can make money.

How do I pay with BKash app?

You can easily pay your any kinds of Bill by using your Bkash Apps. For this reason please download your Bkash app and login. Then click “Pay Bill” option and select what type of bill you want to pay. After that follow the instruction and pay your Bill.

How do I get a BKash QR Code?

Bkash QR code you can see on your Bkash app. You can also visit their official website.

What is the meaning of BKash?

The meaning of Bkash is development. It is a Bengali word and it refers to development. In our country Bkash is a Mobile Money transferring system.

How can I activate BKash mobile menu?

If you want to activated your Bkash mobile menu then follow below instruction.

  • At first dial *247#.
  • Choose your “Activate Mobile Menu” option.
  • Choose your 5 digit PIN number and enter it here.
  • Again enter your same PIN number.

What is BKash limit?

The Bkash limit is money transferring limitation. The authority has been fix the amount of money that you transfer in a day or month. 

If you are a Bkash account holder then you withdraw maximum 25,000 TK in a day and 1,50,000 TK per month. You can keep maximum 3,00,000 TK at any time. This is the Bkash limit.

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