Open Rocket Account by using DBBL mobile apps. You can easily open a Rocket account by using mobile apps. For this reason at first download rocket mobile app from Google play store. After that you need to open your apps and turn on your data connection.

Open Rocket Account

Open Rocket Account easily sitting at home

The country’s popular mobile banking medium, Dutch-Bangla mobile banking or rocket account opening rules online. Mobile banking system is becoming popular day by day in our country. Currently, notable companies in the country are Rocket, Bkash, ‍Sure-Cash, M-banking, Nagad etc. But most of the people like Bkash and Rocket. This mobile banking system is reputed in our county.

There are two types of way to open a rocket account.

  1. Manually.
  2. Online.

If you want to open your Rocket account manually, then you need to go to Rocket agent point or customer care point. Please bring your NID card and one copy color photo when you’re gone, rocket agent point. You can also open your account by dialing *322#. Read how to apply for online birth registration in Bangladesh.

Online system is using mobile apps. When you download rocket apps and turn it on. You can see log in option here. You need to enter your mobile phone number. Others step you can see below of the article.

Open Rocket Account by Mobile Apps

To open an online Rocket account, first download the official Rocket apps from your mobile phone. Rocket’s official apps are available in the Play Store and App Store. After installing the Rocket app, register with your mobile number.

At the time of registration, an IVR call will be given from DBBL system. Receive the call and give the four digit PIN as per the instructions. Once logged in, tap the “Complete Registration” button to complete the registration and follow the next step. Tap on the next button to complete the registration in three steps.

Step 1: Take pictures of NID cards on both sides. When taking a picture, keep in mind that the name and number of the NID card should be clear. Take a picture with your National ID card on a table or in a white notebook. Confirm your picture, then tap on the Next button.

Step 2: Check that all your information is correct. Please check that your name, national ID number, date of birth is correct. Confirm after verification.

Step 3: The last step is to carefully read the security warning and be committed to compliance. After reading the warning, tap the OK button.

When everything is done properly, Rocket will send you a confirmation message to confirm your registration key and then confirm that your account has been opened.

Rocket Account Registration From Agent Point

At first, the candidates need to fill up the KYC Form. Then submit to agent along with your photograph & National ID (NID). Agent goes to Customer Registration Menu from his/her mobile and inserts customer’s mobile number and done other work.

After that, the customer will receive an IVR call or USSD flash menu. You need to reply this call then input 4 digit PIN number at your choice. Please remember your PIN for further query.

Now you will receive an SMS by notify that “A Rocket account is created in DBBL system which is his/her mobile number + one check digit”.

Your Rocket account has been open. Now you can use some services. When your account will verify by NID number, you can use their all services.

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In this section we are tried to give you answer in some common question. This question is shortening and filtering by the audience demands. You can also ask a question in this section. If you have any question then types it on comment section.

What is needed to open a DBBL account?

You need three types of document for opening BDDL account.

  • Your Mobile Number.
  • NID Card.
  • Passport size photo.
How do I open a rocket account?

There are two ways to open a rocket account. You can use any of them. If you want to open your rocket account manually, then go to nearly rocket agent point. Remember when you go to rocket agent point brings mobile, NID card and photo.

How can I open a DBBL account online?

You can open your DBBL account by using online. For this reason, you need to download rocket apps. After that account opening process, you can see the top of the article.

How can I open Rocket account in Mobile?

Yes, you can open your rocket account by using your phone. If you have a Smartphone and net connection then download rocket apps. After that, follow the instructions and open a rocket account.

Can I send money from Bkash to rocket?

No, you can’t do it instantly. But you need to wait 1 working day to complete the process.

What is Rocket account?

The Rocket account is a mobile banking system. This is a very popular mobile banking system in our county.

How do I delete my rocket account?

You can delete your rocket account in two ways. You need to go to Rocket agent point and told them to delete your account. Give them information about your account. They can help you to delete your Rocket account.

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