Hi, you are here for downloading your PEC result 2022 session. This year all academic calendar was change due to pandemic of Coronavirus. So, the students and their parents are very anxious about their examination. Every year, the PEC examination was held the first week of December. But this year the ministry of education not decide to arrange PEC result. As a result, it is not clear to tell exam date and time. But we are expecting that exam routine will be publishing soon. So, you can know the exam result publish date and time.

When Publish PEC Result?

It is not possible to say that result publish date in this year. Because all the academic activity is stop now. So, the authority doesn’t able to maintain exam schedule. As a result, they are arranging a board meeting and decide when the exam will be held. As you know that the result will publish within 30 days after exam. So, if the examination was held first week of December than exam result will be publishing 31st December of this year.

The authority also thinking exam will be held by reducing syllabus. But final announcement not given by the authority. They are told that exam date will announce before 15 days of examination. We are suggesting you please take a good preparation for examination. Because you don’t have enough time to prepared yourself due to long term institution absenteeism.

PEC Result

Previous Five Years Result Publish Date

Let’s know when publish primary education certificate result in last five years. As you know that every year, last week of December the authority publishes PEC result. But we don’t know exact date and time. But we can tell you probably date and time.

2016 Session PEC Result was published 30th December.

2017 Session PEC result also published 30th December.

2018 Session PEC result was published 28th December.

2019 Session PEC result has been published on 24th December.

2020 Session PEC result will publish on 30th December.

The Result Publish Committee Says

All educational institutions in the country have been closed since March 16 due to corona. There is this announcement of closure till 31st August. Teachers, students and parents are keen to know when the educational institution will open and what will happen to the examinations as almost everything in the country is normal. In this regard, the Secretary of the Ministry of Secondary and Higher Education. Mahbub Hossain said no final decision has been taken yet on this year’s HSC and JSC, JDC exams.

And whenever HSC exam is taken, it will be taken with two weeks’ notice. Md. Requested not to spread rumors about this. Mahbub Hossain. It will be informed after August 25 whether the closed educational institution will be reopened or not.

The proposal is not going to take the initial conclusion. See JSC Exam Result.

The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education is going to send a proposal to the Prime Minister’s Office regarding the final examination of primary education after the fifth grade. It has been proposed not to take this test only this year, said the senior secretary of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education on Monday. Akram-al-Hussein.

How to Download PEC Result 2022

There are different types of way to download your result. But we are categories this way in two types.

  1. Online Result Method.
  2. Offline Result Method.

As you know, that online system is more popular than offline. People like to do their work online. Nowadays, every activity of result is held on online.

Offline system is not popular now. But some people like this way. People who live in remote area they are like offline method. Because they haven’t enough technology for using online method. As a result, they are wanting to know their result in manually method.

We are discussing those types of method. You can use any of them. You have another option to download your result from mobile apps.

Download Your Result

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