Are you searching Ramadan Calendar of 2022? The month of Ramadan is coming. This is a holy month for the Muslim community. There are once a month this year. This month, everyone spends time in worship. Everyone is looking for this month’s calendar. We are now giving you the right direction for downloading perfect Ramadan Calendar. If you are looking for the right calendar for Ramadan, then you have come to the right place.

Ramadan Calendar Download

Ramadan Calendar 2022 Download PDF

This year, The Ramadan month will be start from 2nd April 2022. The day is Monday. If you want to fast, then you need to eat Seheri 2nd April late night. If you want to know Ifter and Seheri time to read it.

Generally, we do not use the Arabic calendar. As a result, I cannot say when the month of Ramadan will begin and end. Those who read newspapers will only know the Arabic month or date. Because the first page of the newspaper contains Arabic, Bengali and English dates. You can get ideas for Arabic dates from there if you wish.

Ramadan Calendar

But if you want to get Arabic ideas, you can check out the calendar. Someone again buys the Arabic calendar and collects it. However, you can easily collect Arabic calendar from here.

You are now on the right page to download the perfect calendar for Ramadan. The month of Ramadan also depends on when the month starts and ends. Yet the Islamic Foundation publishes an Arabic calendar. Every year they publish an Arabic calendar that is celebrated in our country. The month of Ramadan depends on this calendar. However, after seeing Moon, some changes and enhancements are made.

How to Download Ramadan Calendar?

Some people search online and want to know how much Ramadan is today. It is only those who do not have the calendar of the Arabic month If you want to know how many days of Ramadan today you will know in two ways.

View the calendar for the entire year and view the live calendar. You will find many web pages online that serve live calendar and if you have a full year calendar, you can see it from there. The Ramadan Calendar has been uploading in PDF format. You can also download your calendar in gpj format from our site For more query please visit Islamic Foundation of Bangladesh.

Download Ramadan Calendar 2022

What cannot be done during Ramadan?

In order to know what not to do in Ramadan, you must have the right knowledge of religion. The Muslim community has been told to refrain from doing bad things. And that’s why you have to know which tasks are bad. If you find that you have been persecuted for doing what you do, then simply refrain from doing so. However, during the day of Ramadan, food should be stopped during the day. Also refrain from doing wrong.

Why is Ramadan important?

Ramadan is a holy month of Islam. The month of Ramadan is very important. Muslims all over the world consider this month to be a holy month. This month, all Muslims spend time worshiping. Since it is a holy month, everyone stays away from sin. Nobody cheats or oppresses one another.

How do you know when Ramadan starts?

How do you know when the month of Ramadan begins? Arabic month is calculated by looking at Chad. So this month’s calendar is created based on Chad’s dependency. You can find the date of the beginning of Ramadan by looking at the Arabic calendar. However, it is Arabic for a month, so it is mentioned in the Arabic calendar

Which Ramadan day is today?

If you want to know the Ramadan day is today then visit live calendar page. Google also provide you right information on their first page. So, you also follow their date.

What time is iftar in Ramadan 2022?

The Iftar time is variable. Every day has different time for Iftar. The time is changing according to number of day run in Ramadan. So, please visit the live Ramadan calendar.

What is the last time of Sehri?

The last time is Sehri is depending on how many Ramadan days is today. If you don’t know that then see the calendar. After that you can know the right time to Sehri in today’s.

What is the Sehri time today?

Today’s Sehri time is 4:30 AM. But this time only for first Ramadan of 2022. The time will be change according to Ramadan days come in. The time day by day will be increase according to standard time.

Can we kiss during Ramadan?

What can be done during Ramadan depends on whether you are fasting or not. If you are fasting, you should not kiss. If you do not have the chastity to kiss, then it should not be done.


Can you shower during Ramadan?

Yes, you can do it.

Can you watch TV during Ramadan?

Yes, you can watch TV during Ramadan. But you can only watch Islamic program on TV during Ramadan.

Are you allowed to chew gum during Ramadan?

No, it is not a good idea to use chew gum in Ramadan. Even you don’t use it if you’re fasting.

Can I brush my teeth during Ramadan?

Yes, you can do it. But you don’t take any smell from it.

Can you brush teeth when fasting?

Yes, I can. But remember, you don’t take any smell during brushing your teeth.

What is today’s special?

Today’s specialty depends on history of that day.

When did Ramadan first start?

This year 2nd April 2022 Ramadan will be start.

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