RU Admission Notice 2022 has been publishing for undergraduate students. Notice will publish in Rajshahi University for the admission of honors 1st year students in 2022-2023 academic year. Eligible candidates are invited to apply from the University Admission Website. Applications will submit online till the specified time. You can also find out RU admission application process, admission test date and time, seat plan, admission test result and merit list result. We are also proving application fee payment method.

RU Admission

RU Admission Circular 2022

The admission circular will usually be published in the first week of February. Since the circular has not been published, we will publish some dates here which are possible.

Primary Application Start Date: 7th March 2022. (probably)

Deadline: 18th March 2022. (probably)

Maximum 45000 candidates will select for admission test. This selection list will make by your HSC and SSC GPA score. So if you have good results in SSC and HSC exams, you will be more likely to be selected.

The final application will begin: 23rd March 2022. (probably)

Last date for final application: 31st March 2022. (probably)

Download RU Admission Circular 2022

RU Admission Eligibility for Undergraduate

In order to apply for admission, the candidate has to acquire the following qualifications.
Students who have passed HSC, Diploma in Commerce, Vocational and A level in 2021 will be able to apply.
Humanities students must have a GPA of 7.00 in both exams, including the 4th subject, and at least 3.00 separately.

Commerce students must have a GPA of at least 7.50 in both the exams including 4th subject and at least 3.50 separately.

Science students must have a GPA of 7.00 in both the exams including 4th subject and at least 3.50 GPA separately.

If you are from the other track, then read the admission notice carefully.

No matter which unit you apply to, your previously studied group will be given priority in admission.

Online Application Submission Process

The application process is divided into two parts. First, you need to make an initial application. For which you have to apply online from the admission website of the institution. If there is any problem to apply, take a look at the rules they have published.

Separate application fee is requiring for initial and final application. So for the initial application, you have to pay 55 rupees per unit. There is a separate fee for applying to multiple units.
Once the initial application is completed, you will have to wait for the final application. The authority has to apply a second time after publishing the list of selected candidates for the final application. Because only 45,000 candidates will be able to participate in the admission test. You can also like GST Admission Apply Online .

What is the application fee at Rajshahi University?

Initial Application Fee: 55 TK. for each unit.

A Unit Final Application Fee: 1100 TK. (10% charge include).

B Unit Final Application Fee: 1100 TK. (10% charge include).

C Unit Final Application Fee: 1100 TK. (10% charge include).

Hot to Apply on RU?

There are two ways to apply. In the first stage, you have to complete the initial application by SMS or online with SSC and HSC examination information. To make an initial application, you need to click on the application link on the organization’s website.

In order to make an initial application, you need to submit an application fee of 56 TK. You need to use Dutch Bangla Bank’s mobile banking rocket to submit the application fee.

You can make the initial application in multiple units. But in that case, you have to apply for 56 TK. per unit.

In order to apply in the first stage, you need to submit some kind of document. You don’t even have to upload your picture and signature. After the completion of the preliminary application, the list of pre-selected candidates will be published after sorting by the authorities. Those whose names are mentioned in the list will have to apply for the second time.

Apply Now

Final application procedure:

For final application, you need to log in with Student ID. Then you have to click on the application link. There you have to fill the application form with all the information. After filling the application form, you have to download the applicant copy. After that, the application fee has to be submitted.

Application Fee Payment Method:

You must use Rocket Mobile Bank to submit the application fee. To deposit money through Rocket you have to follow the rules mentioned below.

  • Dial *322#.
  • Select “1” “Bill Payment” option.
  • Then select “2” “Other” option.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Again select “2” “Other” option.
  • Enter Biller ID “377”.
  • Now enter your bill number. This bill number you can find on your payment slip paper.
  • Now enter bill payment amount.
  • Input your PIN.
  • Finally, your application fee payment will complete. You will receive a successful application fee payment SMS.

Admit Card Download Method

The deadline for downloading admit card will be informed to you by the authorities via SMS on your mobile. So there is nothing to worry about. When they send you an SMS to download to admit card, you can go to that link and download it. Moreover, you can also download admit card from the link provided by us. Below are the things you need to do to download the Admit Card. You can also read about Dhaka University Admission.

  • Click the Admit card download option.
  • Input your user ID and password.
  • Click log in option.
  • Now upload your photo.
  • Then upload your signature.
  • Now click download admit card option.

Image Size: 300*300 JPG format and file size not more than 100 KB.

Signature Size: 300*80 JPG format and file size not more than 60 KB.

RU Admission Test Date & Time

The date and time of admission test will be published on the website of the institution. You will also be notified via SMS on your mobile. The University Admission Committee has planned to conduct the admission test in three shifts. For that they have published a routine. Let’s take a look at that routine.

Date Unit Name 09.30 AM to 10.30 AM 12.00 PM to 01.00 PM 03.00 PM to 04.00 PM
04 October 2021 C Unit (Science)

C Unit (Non-Science)




Group 2


Group 3


05 October 2021 A Unit (Arts) Group 1


Group 2



Group 3

06 October 2021 B Unit (Commerce)

B Unit (Non-Commerce)



Group- 2 (30001-38817)

Group- 2 (70001-77420)


Group 3


RU Admission Test Result

Those who have already read the admission notice know that the selection process will be done in two ways. First, the list of eligible candidates will be published. After that, the list of final selected candidates for admission will be published by taking their admission test. Initially, the selected candidates will be informed of the results through SMS on their mobiles. They will also be asked to complete the final application process. So there is no need to view the results of the preliminary selection online. You can also see GST Admission. Merit list Result

First, those who will be on the list based on the good marks of the admission test and the previous test will be mentioned in the 1st merit list. If you are got a chance to admit on RU then your name will on the merit list. If your name does not appear on the 1st merit list, check to see if it is on the waiting list. You can also see it if you want JU Admission Circular.

A unit 1st Merit List

B unit 1st Merit List

C unit 1st Merit List

RU Waiting List Result

Those whose names do not appear in the merit list can also get admission. Now the question may be how. If someone does not get a place in the first merit list, they can be admitted subject to the seat being vacant.

But for that you must be on the waiting list. The waiting list will be sorted according to merit. So if your name is at the top then there is a chance of getting admission. You can also read Jahangirnagar University Admission.

A unit waiting list

B unit waiting list

C unit waiting list


After all, those who do not get a place on the 1st merit list should do a little research to see if your name is on the waiting list. We have tried to put together all the information related to admission here. If you think we haven’t added any information incorrectly, let us know in the comments. We will do our best to add your information.

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