SSC Result Technical Board Bangladesh will publish 13th February 2022 at 2:00 PM. Next month, the authority will be distributing Secondary School Certificate examination result 2022. The board also announce result publish date and time. Most of the time we notice that result has been publishing after 1:00 PM on those days. So, you can survey your result after disclose the result.

SSC Result Technical Board

SSC Result Technical Board 2022

You know that how many students sit in Secondary School Certificate examination 2022 under technical education board. Total number of 115216 students attend SSC examination in

S2018. We are hope that, this number will be increase this year. Because we notice that, every year examinee where increase. Let’s see last five-year data for technical education board.

Year Total Students
2018 115216
2017 106239
2016 98580
2015 110326
2014 102472

On this table, we show that, only 2017 and 2016 SSC examines was decrease. Otherwise, every year increase this number. On the other hand, the technical education board students can download their result from official website of education board. This board has a website. You can also see your result broadly. 

If you think that you can download or see your result before 8 general education board, then you are wrong. Because the authority disclose their result at a time for all education board of Bangladesh.

As we know that there are 10 education board in Bangladesh. Among them 8 general board, Madrasah board and technical board. So, This 10 board can disclose the SSC result at a time. You can download your result by using internet or mobile phone SMS system.

SSC Result 2022 Technical Education Board Download By Internet

Nowadays, internet system become popular enormously. As a result, anyone wants to find out anything by using internet. Our education system also follows the trend. Nowadays, they are providing many facilities by internet. Such as year final fees, examination fees, admission, result, exam notice, exam routine etc. All the institution try to provide information by using internet or latest technology. So, at this moment we are to show you how to download your technical board SSC result by using internet. Please follow step by stem instruction.

Method to Download Your Result

  • At first turn on your internet of your phone, tablet, desktop, laptop or other device.
  • Now open your internet browser that you use for browsing net.
  • Write down here or and click go.
  • If you write correctly then now you are in result providing page that look below image.

SSC Result Technical Board

  • Click First Column that show SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Result.
  • Now select exam type, year, board name and result type from drop down menu. On the last step, you can select individual result if you want to see only your result. But you can see your institutional by selecting menu.
  • After that, you need to input your roll and registration number in desire table.
  • On the last step, you need to input captcha code that they are providing. Remember, captcha code can be change every search. So, at first show the code carefully than write in the table.
  • So, you are very close to see your result. All the step done. Now you need to click “Get Result” button that you can see bottom on this page.

Note: This step only follow for if you visit website. Otherwise, you can’t find out your result. 

How to See Result By Mobile Phone SMS

So, are you now success for downloading your result by internet? Don’t worry, there has another way to see your result. Yes, this is SMS method. Now you can see your result by simply sending a mobile SMS. But at first you need to know SMS formation. If you don’t know that, then read your below post.

On this method, you need to know three information.

  1. First 3 letter of your board name. You must be students of technical education board. Then write TEC.
  2. Passing year (2022).
  3. Roll number.

Remember: You must be give a space in this three step.

SMS Formula: SSC<space> 3 letter of your board (TEC)<space>Roll Number<space>Passing Year and send it 16222.

Example: SSC TEC 125415. (Sending number is 16222).

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Technical Board SSC Result Pass and Fail Analysis

We are survey last 5 years result. Now we are disclosing this survey information. According to information by education board, we are submitting the analysis data. You can get a clear idea from this data. It is easy to compare yearly result. So, we are submitting here pass and fail summary in these 5 years.

Year Appeared Pass Fail
2018 1115216 83778 31438
2017 106239 85265 20974
2016 98580 83407 15173
2015 110326 95674 14652
2014 102472 85716 16756

On this table we show that last year huge number of students fail in this exam. So, last year fail percentage was more than the last 4 years. Let’s see the chart according to the information. 

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SSC Result Technical Board Analysis

SSC Board Challenge Result.

We notice that , maximum number of students fail in the year of 2022. Fail percentage was lowest in 2015. On the other hand, maximum number of students pass in the year of 2015 and lowest rate of passing is 2016. 

Technical Board SSC Result GPA-5 Analysis

According to the last five years data, the maximum GPA-5 got in the year of 2016. This year total 7182 students got GPA-5. The rate of GPA-5 of 8.61. On the other hand, the lowest number of students got GPA-5 in the year of 2017. This year only 4253 students got GPA-5 which 4.99 percentage. Let’s see the last five year GPA-5 analytical data.

Year Total GPA-5 Percentage of GPA-5
2018 4448 5.31
2017 4253 4.99
2016 7182 8.61
2015 7017 7.33
2014 6001 7.00

Basically, the rate of GPA-5 is less than general board. Technical board SSC passing rate also decrease than other board. Lets see the pie chart according to table information.


SSC Result GPA Five Analysis

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About Technical Board SSC Result Publish Date

Every year, the board authority disclose the result within 30 days to exam end date. So, we are expected to date this year also not change their activity. As the rule of public result disclose, they are providing your result next month 2nd week. Most probably date is 9th May 2022. So, it is very close to present date. After a long time break, the examines little worry about their result. They are to wait with anxiety for their result. This result is the vital point of a student. 

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