TC Application process and procedure you can find out here. We are also showing hot to apply for Transfer Certificate (TC) for changing educational institution for valid reason. All education boards are giving opportunity for online TC Application now. So, you can apply for Class Nine to Twelve. Transfer Certificate (TC) online process are running now. You can apply if you need it.

TC Application

TC Application Online Process

If you want to change your current educational institution, you must be admitted to another school with a transfer certificate. For that, you need to apply online. Even a few days ago, the transfer certificate had to be issued by hand in every educational institution.

But now that all the activities are based online, you will not be given any kind of transfer certificate from the educational institution. However, if you want, you can apply online and collect the transfer certificate. If you require help from your current educational institution for that, you can accept it. This certificate need for your HSC college admission in different colleges.

What is Transfer Certificate (TC)?

The full form of TC is Transfer Certificate. Which means a certificate of validity to leave a place. When you transfer from one educational institution to another, the certificate issued to you on the occasion of your departure from the previous institution is called TC.

Different countries provide TC in different ways. Our country is no exception. The educational institutions of our country provide TC to the departed students. However, they were handwritten by the institution with the signature of the authority. But now it has been made online.

How to apply for TC?

To apply for TC online, you need to apply through the Board of Education. For example, if you want to be transferred from any educational institution under Dhaka Board, you have to apply to Dhaka Board. Let’s find out how the students of Dhaka Board will apply for TC. If you are a student of Bangladesh open university SSC program, you can also apply for the TC. Please use For BOU student Reg.No:10-0-00-000-000 and Roll:10-0-00-000-000.

Apply Now Dhaka Board Students

  • At first, click the apply link.
  • Select TC class.
  • Give passing year.
  • Enter your roll and registration number.
  • Write your name (student name).
  • Now, enter your father and mother name.
  • Then, inter your mobile number.
  • In this section, you have to fill up your current institution information.
  • Select institution name, group and Bangla or English medium.
  • Now you have to enter your subject code number in the box.
  • TC institute information: Please select your TC institution name and shift name.
  • Finally, you need to mention the reason for taking TC. Here are four reasons you just need to tick next to the right reason.
  • When everything is done, click on submit button.

Which classes can you apply for TC?

Basically, online TC application system is now available for Class Nine to Twelve. You can apply if you are student of Class nine, ten, eleven or twelve. You can also read Technical College Admission.

How can I know available seat list for the college?

If you want to know available seat for TC students then you have to click below link. They are making this list according to board wise. So, we are providing Dhaka education board available seat list.

Dhaka Board Class Eleven Seat List

Dhaka Board Class Twelve Seat List

Hot to Download Online TC Form?

If you want to download TC form then you can go to education board website. Every education board has been providing online TC. You can get this easily by submitting online application form. For these reason, you have to submit your online transfer certificate application form.


TC is required when a student wants to leave his / her current educational institution and be admitted in another educational institution. Otherwise, he cannot be admitted in any other educational institution. You can also try Cadet College Admission.

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