Way to TIN Registration 2022 in Bangladesh. Online TIN Registration system in Bangladesh has been start. To speed up and facilitate the registration process as a taxpayer, the National Board of Revenue has introduced e-TIN as a taxpayer (e-TIN) registration system.

TIN Registration

TIN Number Registration Process and Procedure

There are a few simple steps in this method that you can get through a new TIN of 12 digits. Those who currently have TIN’s will also have to re-register for the new designated TIN. In this case, the national card, mobile phone number and company registration number of RJSC are required. If you don’t have NID card, then read NID Card Registration.

TIN Registration

New System to get a TIN Number

In order to start TIN registration and re-registration in the new system, everyone has to first create an account. The rules for account creation are as follows:

Clicking on the Register button on the homepage will open the ‘Registration’ form. Click the Register button when you’ve filled in the designated spaces in the form.

  • A phone will be delivered immediately to your cell phone number provided in the form. Enter the code you sent in the cell in the dialogue box that appears on the screen. Then click on the Register button, and you will see the screen. “Welcome to Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) Registration / Re-Registration”

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TIN Registration and Re-Registration for Bangladeshi Citizens

  • Click on the TIN Application menu. Now fill in the blanks shown in the Registration / Re-Registration form and press go to Next. New taxpayers will have to click on the Registration button, and old taxpayers with TIN numbers will have to click on the Re-Registration button.
  • Fill in the blanks with the required information in the Basic Information form and click the Go to Next button.
  • Check for the last time that the information you provided in the form in the final preview is correct. If all is well, tick the checkbox at the bottom of the final preview.
  • Then click on the Submit Application button to register / re-register the new 12 digit TIN. However, adult and minor applicants who do not have national contact number and who wish to register / re-register through passport will get a ticket. Print the ticket and follow the rules mentioned in the ticket and contact the income tax office mentioned on the ticket.

Registered and Joint Stock Companies and Farms (RJSC)

Regulations for TIN Registration and Re-Registration in case of Registered and Joint Stock Companies and Farms (RJSC) with Limited Companies:

  • Name, designation, mobile number and e-mail address of the taxpayer company for the company / firm’s TIN registration registered with the RJSC and the newly-issued 12-digit TIN of each of the firm’s partners.
  • The name, designation, mobile number fax and e-mail address of the person empowered for the TIN registration of the firm registered with the RJSC and the newly issued 12-digit TIN of each of the firm’s partners.
  • Check for the last time that the information you provided in the form in the final preview is correct. If all is well, tick the checkbox at the bottom of the final preview.
  • Once all the process is completed, the applicant company / firm will get a new TIN certificate.

Use the website www.nbr.org.bd for more information. He will cooperate directly with the tax officer at any level if he has any questions regarding income tax filing, return filing and income tax law.

 e TIN Re-registration Application Form

If you want to re-registration your TIN, then you can use an application form. The application form you can find out National Board of Revenue official website. In this form you can see 11 options that you need to fill up. We are now discussing these options. Remember, you can use all the information by using English capital letter.

  1. At first you can see three options. First one is your existing TIN number. Second one is taxes circle name. And last one is taxes zone.
  2. Write taxpayer’s name (your name) according to NID card.
  3. This option for your NID number. So, input your NID number.
  4. Now write your date of birth (according to NID card).
  5. Write your father’s name in this section.
  6. You need to write your mother’s name in this section.
  7. If you are women and married, to write your husband name.
  8. Now input your mobile phone.
  9. In this section, write your email address.
  10. Current Address you need to write here. Firs row is for your local address then you need to write district, Thana and post code on second row.
  11. Present Address: In this section, you need to write your permanent address as same as current address. If you’re both of address are same, then write down same on present address.

Download E-TIN Registration Form

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